Sunday, July 13, 2014

World Cup Final: Who will God Favor? Argentina Vs Germany Pope?

World Cup Debate: Who will God Favor? Argentina Vs Germany Pope?

It is "unlikely" that Pope Benedict and Pope Francisco will see the World Cup final together. The Vatican confirms they almost certainly will not. But the current FIFA World Cup debate is who will God favor with Argentina and Germany advancing to the World Cup finals? The two living popes, Francis and ex-Pope Benedict XVI will be praying to God for their respective countries to win the finals.

Everyone knows about Francis's love for the sport — he's a huge supporter of Argentina's San Lorenzo team — and Benedict's support the current Bundesliga champion: Bayern Munich.

The two living popes will be watching the match even though it is past their bedtime. Pope Francis promised to remain neutral for the duration of the World Cup. He has kept his own bargain thus far. But the Argentinian want their Jesuit to use his Merci (Messi) connections with God to sway the World Cup in favor of his team.

Pope Francis said in an interview that "The Brazilians asked for neutrality" in his prayers for the games. Francis added, "I'll keep my word because Brazil and Argentina are always opponents."

Before the start of the tournament, Francis delivered a message hoping that the games would promote peace and friendship among different countries. Who will God Favor in Argentina vs Germany on Sunday at the Maracana. God will be watching the match. Men will be watching. Women will take time out the kitchen to watch and so are the children. It is a weekend of closing ceremonies and the debate and answer will be after full time regulations or extra time or penalties in any case.


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