Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Latest African-fashion trend: Rihanna on Stella Jean

Latest African-fashion trend
Simply call it 'Made in Africa' or get away with Ankara inspired fashion. Rihanna's latest African-fashion prints is the new trend. Rihanna turned heads with this African prints by fashion designer Stella Jean. Osaseye present what you may have missed on November African mix fashion trends: Riri looks gorgeous and the instagram likes justifies it.
African-fashion trend: Rihanna on Stella Jean

''The style of Stella Jean reflects and evokes its metissage and its heredity Creole cultures that blend the old and the verve of the new continent and the opposites come together in a feminine conscious of his precious uniqueness.''

''Through the lines of haute couture Italian craftsmanship, vibrating the beats of a sensual elegance, proud and aware;ergo, never ostentatious. A mood whose uniqueness is revealed reflection of his personal journey multicultural, translated by the designer in the "Wax & Stripes Philosophy" , his real stylistic balance and at the same synthesis and transformation of cultures so antipodal.''

''The Wax is the maternal roots, Haiti; first independent black republic in the world, pernea its history in West Africa.The Stripes of mannish shirts, symbolizing the côté father; gentleman Turin.'' from

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