Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TEDxAfrica| Changing the Way We See Africa

TEDxAfrica| Changing the Way We  See Africa

Soweto Theatre played host to TEDxAfrica Soweto, where artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and people from various industries and backgrounds gathered last Saturday to talk about the theme Silver Linings.

Entrepreneur Mothusi Lukhele, a resident and self-confessed lover of Soweto, in his talk about how the social and economic landscape pointed out that there are over 100 white families living in Soweto.

Osaseye brings you the best moment from the TED Talks and it had everything to do with Nigerian businessman Victor Kgomoeswana. Dressed in his home made Ankara, Victor had this to say:

“Despite terrorism, disease plaguing Africa, Nigerians are making their own smartphones and versions of the iPad,” he adds. “The only way can begin to take advantage of business in Africa is to change how we see Africa, change the way we think about Africa… And finally, change the way we behave when we go to other African countries. Don’t be afraid of reports about widespread disease, you won’t know about Africa if you don’t explore.”

Please visit TEDxSoweto 2014 for videos from Saturday 22 November, Soweto Theatre TEDxSoweto Talks.

It will be great to have one session of the TED Talks in Lagos or Abuja, Nigeria.


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