Friday, February 20, 2015

Your Company, employer can now read all SMS from your mobile phones

Your Company, employer can now read all SMS from your mobile phones

This is a decision that will ultimately change the lives of many employees or coworkers. Your company or employers are now legally allowed to read private SMS messages that you send from your professional mobile phone. Your employer may check your SMS by taking your office phone or install software in each device to retrieve messages remotely or check voice calls. And without informing you.

This decision passed in France and currently active by Chamber of the Court of Cassation . The highest court of the judiciary considers the professional notebook as a tool and that the SMS sent or received by this device "are presumed to have a professional character."

"This judgment is in line with decisions taken in recent years , explains Olivier Iteanu, a lawyer in the Court of Appeal of Paris. Gradually case law comes to protect the company over the employee.
February 2015, an employer with a "legitimate reason" can check the SMS by taking the phone from his employee or "place, through tools of Mobile Device Management (Terminal Management Mobile) software that will monitor what happens on the smartphone, to extract the SMS that can be analyzed''

"The SMS can also be stored on central servers, as was the case in the case decided by the Supreme Court.

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