Sunday, May 24, 2015

Don't Be Fooled: Nigeria's Fuel Crisis Is Just Beginning

Don't Be Fooled: Nigeria's Fuel Crisis Is Just Beginning

Many petrol stations in Nigeria have now run out of fuel both for vehicles and generators.

Nigeria’s biggest mobile phone operator MTN has warned that its network faces shutdown due to fuel shortages that have crippled the nation."If diesel supplies are not received within the next 24 hours the network will be seriously degraded and customers will feel the impact," it added on its Twitter account @MTNNG on Saturday evening.

The warning from MTN, which has more than 55-million subscribers, is a sign that businesses were now being hit.

At least three Nigerian radio stations announced on Twitter they would be going off the air to ration fuel that powers its generators.

Domestic and International flights have been cancelled while few international airlines have re-routed services into and out of Nigeria to pick up aviation fuel.

In five days (Friday May 29 to be precise) President Jonathan will hand over national power to President-elect Muhammadu Buhari,. Never in the history of our country has any government handed over to another a more distressed country: No electricity, no fuel, workers are on strike, billions are owed to state and federal workers, 60 billion dollars are owed in national debt and the economy is virtually grounded.

''Today, Nigerians are roaming the streets, jerry cans in hand, searching for everything from kerosene to fuel to diesel to power their homes, keep their vehicles on the road and keep their businesses going. They are paying as much as 300 Naira per litre for fuel, if at all they can get it. Yet their government is not saying a word about the situation.”


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