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List of largest cities in Nigeria is different from the list of most loved cities in Nigeria

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

African countries that love and hate Barrack Obama the most

Pew Research Center recently released a study on the African countries that love and hate the first Kenyan-American president the most. 
African countries that love and hate Barrack Obama the most
Not surprising, Kenya ranks second as Obama has done less for the land of his father’s birth than his predecessor, George W. Bush even though pictures and images emerge of his dance floor moves in Kenya to the sounds of Swahili music. Which Afrian countries love the U.S President most?

Compare the results with countries that love and hate U.S the most and you will notice a strong correlation. 
Top 10 African Countries that Love the US Obama

Monday, July 27, 2015

Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Dies at 22

Bobbi Kristina

22-year-old Bobbi Kristina passed away at Peachtree Christian Hospice in Georgia on Sunday - just three years after her mother, singer Whitney Houston died aged 48 in a bathtub at a hotel in Beverly Hills, California

Sooo sad ...My heart breaks for the Brown and Houston Family....... :( Rest Easy by your mothers side bobbi R.I.P

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

BUhari Exposed Former Ministers Oil Money Laundering Cases

BUhari Exposed Former Ministers Oil Money Laundering

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari has pledged to recover "mind-boggling" amounts of Nigeria's stolen oil money and bring those responsible to justice.

The 72-year-old head of state, in Washington for talks with US officials, alleged that 250,000 barrels of crude were being stolen every day by former ministers of the past regime, with the profits going into individual bank accounts.

Buhari, a former military ruler, has carved a reputation as a no-nonsense crusader against graft and has vowed the corrupt and corruption "will have no place" in his government.

He told members of Nigerians In Diaspora Organisation,at the Nigerian Embassy in Washington on Tuesday evening that the United States and other countries "are helping us to trace such accounts now".

"250,000 barrels per day of Nigerian crude are being stolen and people sell and put the money into individual accounts''

"We will ask that such accounts be frozen and prosecute the persons. The amount involved is mind-boggling. Some former ministers were selling about one million barrels per day," he alleged.

"I assure you that we will trace and repatriate such money and use the documents to prosecute them," he said, according to a statement from his spokesman Femi Adesina.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nigeria Buhari Names Ministers and Cabinet

Buhari Names Ministers and Cabinet

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari has said in an opinion piece in The Washington Post that he will not appoint cabinet ministers until September, having taken office on May 29 despite calls that he is taking too long. Is 6 weeks too long? Why are voices so desperate for the release and appointment of Buhari's cabinet?

"Nigeria must first put new rules of conduct and good governance in place," wrote Buhari, in an article for The Washington Post.

"When cabinet ministers are appointed in September, it will be some months after I took the oath of office. It is worth noting that Obama himself did not have his full cabinet in place for several months after first taking office; the United States did not cease to function in the interim''

"In Nigeria's case, it would neither be prudent nor serve the interests of sound government to have made these appointments immediately on my elevation to the presidency; instead, Nigeria must first put new rules of conduct and good governance in place.

"So the path we must take is simple, even if it is not easy: First, instil rules and good governance; second, install officials who are experienced and capable of managing state agencies and ministries; and third, seek to recover funds stolen under previous regimes so that this money can be invested in Nigeria for the benefit of all of our citizens", he noted.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

First NBA game in Africa - Aug 1, 2015

First  NBA game in Africa

The first NBA game in Africa will take place on August 1st, 2015 at Ellis Park Arena in Johannesburg, South Africa. The game, which will be aired in Africa on SuperSport, will feature a Team Africa versus Team World format and will be played in support of Boys & Girls Clubs of South Africa, SOS Children’s Villages Association of South Africa and the Nelson Mandela Foundation. The NBA has a long history in Africa with more than 35 players from the continent that have featured on NBA rosters since Hakeem Olajuwon was drafted in 1984.

Organisers  and sponsors include Econet Global Limited, Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa, NIKE Inc., South African Airways, SuperSport,  FM 947  and others.

“This is a historic moment for the NBA and the sport of basketball in Africa, and we are excited to work with such a broad range of partners to make this game possible,” said Amadou Gallo Fall, NBA Vice President and Managing Director-Africa.

“The game will impact young people throughout the continent, both on the court and in the community, as we bring some of the world’s most recognizable athletes to Johannesburg to celebrate our long tradition in Africa.”

Team Africa, comprising of players from Africa and second-generation African players, will feature team captain and two-time NBA All-Star Luol Deng (Miami Heat; born in South Sudan), Serge Ibaka (Oklahoma City Thunder; Congo) and Gorgui Dieng (Minnesota Timberwolves; Senegal).

Team World, comprising players from the rest of the world, will feature team captain and eight-time NBA All-Star Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers; U.S.), Bradley Beal (Washington Wizards; U.S.) and Kenneth Faried (Denver Nuggets; U.S.).

U.S. Government Pressure Nigeria To Accept Gay Marriage

U.S. Government Pressure Nigeria To Accept Gay Marriage

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari plans to discuss Islamic terrorist Boko Haram and Nigeria’s economy during his upcoming visit to the U.S. White House. Reports from , U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Linda Thomas-Greenfield said the U.S Government will pressure Nigeria to accept samesex marriage. 

Thomas-Greenfield said “As a government, it is one of the highest priorities and strongest values that discrimination against anyone based on their sexual orientation and gender identity is wrong. We believe human rights should be available to everybody. As a policy, we will continue to press the government of Nigeria as well as other government who have provided legislation against the LGBT community.”

Following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling last month that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, Obama has received mounting criticism in African nations for his support of the LGBT community. Kenyan leaders have warned the U.S. president not to bring his “gay agenda” with him during his visit to Kenya later this month.

Buhari, however, has so far kept quiet about his stance on same-sex marriage as Nigeria struggles with tumbling oil prices and Boko Haram violence. Nigeria needs U.S. military assistance to fight the Islamist militant group, and the U.S might ask for something in return- that Buhari accept Nigeria’s gay legislation in exchange for U.S. funding.

Obama had threatened to sever foreign aid to Nigeria when then-president Goodluck Jonathan signed a law barring same-sex marriage in the African country in January 2014.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Trending On Twitter? #BeingFemaleInNigeria

Trending On Twitter? #BeingFemaleInNigeria

Twitter launched the #BeingFemaleInNigeria on June 30, 2015. Thousands of Nigerian women take to twitter to share their storry using o at . It quickly became a trending topic over Nigeria and across the world. As a Nigerian, what are your experiences of being female in Nigeria?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Schedule - Lagos, Abuja Gele Week

Schedule - Lagos, Abuja Gele Week

Nigerians who haven’t registered yet, hurry up and call 07069634233 or email for Lagos, Abuja Gele Workshop. This 3 day workshop will have on display multiple geles with tutorial on how to tie gele.



Monday, July 6, 2015

4 Simple, Life-Changing Facts About Kissing

4 Simple, Life-Changing Facts About Kissing

Kissing is healthy
"A kiss is not only loving and inspiring, it is also beneficial to health," said Ursula Wisiak of the Department of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy in Graz

Kissing is good for your immune system
A passionate kiss does not only look good, but also strengthens the cardiovascular system and immune system. "Around 80 million bacteria are exchanged during a ten-second kiss on the average," explains Gregor Gorkiewicz, expert Mikrobiomforschung at the Medical University of Graz

Kissing as a stress killer
"The whole body is treated by kissing in a health-promoting positive stress," says Wisiak. This is a stress reliever and killer. People who kiss a lot more succeed at work, have better health and values, and ​​are more mindful on the road. Through the release of various hormones through kissing, the body can relax, reduces fear and enhances a positive mood.

Kissing facts
"56 percent of women like kissing compared to only 44 percent of men. 43 percent of women who have a good kiss do not prefer sex" Wisiak cited recent statistics.

Stephen Keshi sacked as Nigeria Coach for lack of Committment

Stephen Keshi  sacked as Nigeria Coach

Reports that Nigerian coach Stephen Keshi applied for the Ivory Coast while under contract with Nigeria has led to Nigeria parting ways with Keshi.  Shuaibu Amodu will replace him as the head coach with immediate effect, the Nigerian football federation (NFF) has announced.

"Having thoroughly reviewed the reports/findings of the NFF Disciplinary Committee and NFF Technical and Development Committee, as well as having reviewed the actions and inactions of Mr. Stephen Keshi, in the performance of his duties as Super Eagles' head coach, which we found to lack the required commitment to achieve the federation’s objectives as set out in the coach’s employment contract," the NFF said in a statement.

The 53-year-old Keshi only recently began his second stint as Nigeria coach after his first contract ran out following Nigeria's knockout from the World Cup in Brazil last year.

In his first stint he also led the Eagles to win a third Africa Cup