Monday, July 6, 2015

4 Simple, Life-Changing Facts About Kissing

4 Simple, Life-Changing Facts About Kissing

Kissing is healthy
"A kiss is not only loving and inspiring, it is also beneficial to health," said Ursula Wisiak of the Department of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy in Graz

Kissing is good for your immune system
A passionate kiss does not only look good, but also strengthens the cardiovascular system and immune system. "Around 80 million bacteria are exchanged during a ten-second kiss on the average," explains Gregor Gorkiewicz, expert Mikrobiomforschung at the Medical University of Graz

Kissing as a stress killer
"The whole body is treated by kissing in a health-promoting positive stress," says Wisiak. This is a stress reliever and killer. People who kiss a lot more succeed at work, have better health and values, and ​​are more mindful on the road. Through the release of various hormones through kissing, the body can relax, reduces fear and enhances a positive mood.

Kissing facts
"56 percent of women like kissing compared to only 44 percent of men. 43 percent of women who have a good kiss do not prefer sex" Wisiak cited recent statistics.


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