Monday, August 31, 2015

First 100 days of Nigeria Buhari's presidency

Buhari...The First 100: An Illustrated Calendar

As the historic Nigeria presidency reaches its 100-day milestone, osaseye offers a look back at Muhammadu Buhari 's news-packed start, day by day, up until the first 100 days in office.

What have we learned so far from the first 100 days of Nigeria Buhari's Presidency? Here is my top 5, some of which are in tune with Garba Shehu SSA Media and Publicity to the President.
  1. The new government inherited enormous problems created by previous administration but has been able to keep corruption checked. 
  2. Nigeria is safer but still not safe from Boko Haram 
  3. Foreign policy with U.S, U.K, Global leaders and other African President has been strengthened. As described by the president spokesman ''The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon who came calling this week said that our president is “courageous, focused and firm. Relations with the G 7 group of industrialized countries have since been reset and the dividends of this have begun to flow inwards.
  4. Good governance and economic management. Major boost in finance sector from payment of  expense from the previous administration, quality electricity supply, strengthening the Naira currency and revival of refineries. 
  5. Agriculture continues its up-growth although this was a major transformation agenda from the previous administration.

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