Thursday, September 3, 2015

In First 100 Days, Buhari Fails, Meets or Exceeds Expectations?

In First 100 Days, Buhari

NOTES ON NIGERIA'S DEVELOPMENTS IN THE FIRST 100 DAYS IN OFFICE of President Buhari is trending this week? ITS NOT ABOUT THE PARTIES ANYMORE! ITS ABOUT NIGERIA. The Question is Has Buhari Failed, Met or Exceeded your expectations?

Those who rate Buhari positively have risen continuously in polls. He seems like the best president Nigeria have had in a very long time !!!How would you rate the new polls in President Buhari's first 100 days? A+

You'll get a chance to make your opinion known here at osaseye. Has he done more than Goodluck Jonathan in these early days. Thumbs up!!! To all you people who is trying to down the President. Mostly PDP addicts. I have a word for you, first of all you have to receive a President who is trying to fix the problem that has been out of control for years Corruption. For the short time he's been in office, he's been on it!!! Outstanding, so far.


  1. I think he didnt meet up at all.


  3. Humans can never be satisfy no matter how you impress them. You cannot use 100 days to judge compare to the 16 years of damages.

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