Friday, January 4, 2013

Mancini plays down Mario's incident and plans to give him another chance

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini said on Friday morning that the argument with his striker Mario Balotelli was usual on training ground and will not change the relationship between them.

Manchester City Roberto Mancini fights with Mario Balotelli in a training ground burst. Mancini grabs mario by the neck

Roberto Mancini yelling at Mario Balotelli

A series of photographs from a picture agency on Thursday showed the duo were involved in the seemingly heated exchange. After that, main British medias including BBC followed in to post the photos and report it, arousing peoples' attentions to the first response from the club in a pre-match press conference this morning. 

"Mario made a tackle on his team-mate that I would prefer to see in a game and not against a team-mate," said Mancini. "I asked him to leave the pitch. He said no so I moved him off. That's all that happened and it was nothing more than that." Mancini said that he plans to keep the Italian forward at the club and hope to see he make changes in career attitudes. 
"Nothing has changed between Mario and me and my thoughts have not changed about him and these things happen from time to time. "Will Mario have more chances? I will give him 100 chances as long as I can see him trying to improve and working hard for this football club."

 The Italian manager also said there would be no action taken because it was over very quickly and that was the end of it. 

 Man City will play against Watford at home on Saturday afternoon.


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