Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lagos airport beggars on the rise

Lagos airport beggars on a rise

Flying in Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos is a disturbing experience. Non uniform and custom officers colonized virtually every gates of intersection.

As a person trying to either visit or depart Nigeria locally and abroad, I found the developments deeply troubling.

The increasing population of beggars dwelling on our airports is symptomatic of the social and economic challenges still facing this country. A vast percentage of the officers from checkpoint to boarding gate are beggars. ''Brother, give me money.'' Sister, give us something na.'' ''Chairman, help your people.'' ''Wetin you bring for us.'' ''Anything for us.'' ''Give us N2000 for this bag.''
These choruses rises up as soon as you depart the baggage claim to the outside world. A multitude of faces welcomes you by continuing the trend.

My guesstimate is that 70% of the Nigerian custom officers: both uniform and non uniform are money oriented beggars.

These bands of beggars are sure signs we need change in Nigeria.


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