Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nigerian actresses Sex Scandal Lingers On

Some actors and actresses across Nigeria have grown but the sex scandals build continues. A wave of Nigerian actresses sex scandals has emerged in the past and new ones in recent weeks. The string mostly of sex scandals involving Nigerian actresses and Politicians has forced those involved to change the way it handles the accusations. But the issue still bedevils the institution.
                                         Nigerian actresses sex scandals

Nigerian actress, Nuella Njubigbo fondly called Ella by most of her friends, the Anambra State-born graduate of Public Administration from Imo State University has more sex scandals than the number of movies she has featured in.

                                          Nigerian sex scandals

The sexy actress who started out as a script writer before veering into movies proper, has had it all: from husband snatching scandals to allegations she’s dating top politicians. Last year, Nuella was also fingered to be the reason behind the end of a nine year marriage between Nollywood director Tchidi Chikere and wife Sophia.

Thelma Ozy was the woman behind Segun Arinze’s marital problems with his wife Julie in 2011.

Earlier in February, the 'Yvonnes' stories hit the web.  Ice Prince’s breakup with former girlfriend Yvonne Nwosu and an alleged old romance with actress Yvonne Nelson turned viral.

 sex scandals in nigeria

With 'Calabar history' weighing over Cross River State-born actress, Shan George. Shan was alleged to have slept with 21 year old boy and four band members of Tee Mac during the FIFA World Cup held in South Africa.

''Yes, I’ve been asked to give my body for roles''  Actress, Hadiza Abubakar

Hadiza Abubakar a 24-year-old Muslim and graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Benin in an interview with ADUNOLA OLADAPO, she spoke about her life, career, Nollywood and confirmed the scandal in the movie industry.

fresh Nigerian actresses sex scandal
Married women scandal in Nigeria.
Nigerian women in sex scandal, they never come up with actual facts; they never come up with actual cases. Well, if you were will you?


  1. Too many of these actresses are sleeping with each other

  2. Ella is too pretty to be doing this to herself.

  3. This "WOMEN" don't know the consequences of what thet re doing.The scripture said that our body is the temple of God.
    Yet they defile the temple of God.In the name of beauty and fame.
    They shld be ready for the worst.When Sickness struck them,they will rmber what they do in the secret.No one will save them.

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