Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kim Kardashian: "Stop the gossip about my ass"

Kim Kardashian: "Stop gossip about my ass"
Kim Kardashian had a lot to say to the press. A large bumper on the rear. A full round ass, that protrudes. Is all this really necessary? Yes. The word on the street is that she has butt injections or implants on her buttocks. Kim Kardashian has now responded to her derriere debacle with a brutal denial that her ass is not fake. "I see all this nonsense blades with claims that I have injected implants/ Go do something useful!" She also said "I was 7 pounds lighter (before I had my baby) look at pictures of me and compare now! That I still need to lose weight. Everyone who has a child knows how difficult that is." She is trying people to lose wait, patience. She added "I'm not perfect but I will never change myself to your lean standards."
Kim Kardashian baby fake ass


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