Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pregnant with triplets, woman gave birth to quadruplets!

Pregnant with triplets, woman gave birth to quadruplets!

Kim Fugate, a native American of the Mississippi, believed to be pregnant with triplets was surprised to give birth by caesarean section to quadruplets!

Four girls instead of three showed up 13 weeks ahead of the term at the medical center at the University of Mississippi by DirectMatin and LCI.

Kim says: "the doctors had already released three and they said: There are more feet more feet! This is what I heard and I said 'Noooo. It was one surprise after another. "

The fourth baby, hidden by her sisters, just does p have been detected on ultrasound . According to Dr. James Bofill, the chances of having natural quadruplets are 1 in 729,000 . But in this case, the odds were even lower since the four babies from one egg divided into 4 . Is a "rare" according to Dr. Bofill! "The chances of having identical quadruplets are almost incalculable," he says.

Obviously, everything was designed to accommodate three babies and Fugate family will have to adaptbefore the return of babies at home . The four girls are currently in intensive care and should return home in May. "I have not been able to take her in my arms. It will be very exciting to take home and love, "said Kim, who has created a Facebook page," Fugate Quadruplets, "in honor of her granddaughters.

The already 42 year old mother of a 10 year old girl did not think she could still be pregnant and can not imagine today have more children!


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