Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sharone Stone in a White Bikini

Sharon Stone at age 55 has a figure like a teenager. The Basic Instinct actress poses in a white bikini for the cover of shape magazine.Sharone Stone in a White Bikini

"The idea that being young is the only thing that makes you beautiful or attractive, it just is not true. I do not want to be an" eternal beauty ". Want to be a woman who is the best I can be at my age" , Stone stated.

"At age 20 I had an accident when I practiced riding and after that I had to follow a course of cortisone. That made me fat about 20 kilos."

"It was horrible, in a few days I became a woman with little waist, big tits and a giant ass. All the men looked at me in a weird way. At that moment I wanted to die. I became very introverted person" , the singer revealed to the publication.

"It was not easy ... There was a time in my forties in which I got in the bathroom with a bottle of wine, shut the door and say, 'I will not leave until you can fully accept the way in which I look now. '

"And examining my face in the mirror, and looked at my body and cried, cried and cried Then I said.. 'You'll grow old How will you do it and thought I'd grow old as a dancer I want to keep my body from. as thus, I want to work it, dancing and stretching. And I enjoy going to the gym, "he revealed.

As for your diet, Stone said consuming "Meaty" and that it works well for her because she has cholesterol and very low blood pressure.

"He used to love wine, but not volume. Believe that, at a certain point in life, it is better for women aside alcohol because it can make the face, breasts and tummy look very swollen," said actress.


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