Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Rebirth of Nigerian Railroads

Nigeria Railroads has been reborn. Nigeria trains are partly back in operation. The old Railway tracks, forgotten lines and the historical death of the Nigerian Railroads will not tell the story completely. What happened? Where did it go wrong? Who embezzled the funds for maintenance and expansion? These questions will never be answered. Not while the remnants of corrupt leaders are still visible.
Nigeria trains

The trains that once carry Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during her 1956 visit to Nigeria and also boasted Nigeria's first and only prime minister, Tafawa Balewa and other great leaders is slowly being reborn.

Transformation in Nigeria Railroads

Nigeria train is back whispers Lagosians. The trains ply through the narrow crowded space of lagos markets, on a 35 hour trip to Kano.

More People using trains in Lagos

How long will this problem of mismanagement and accountability continues to crash the success story of an oil rich Nigeria.

Nigeria is slowly recovery from the arms of terrible leaders. The country turns 100 next year. Welcome aboard Nigeria Railroads. Proud to be Nigerian


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