Tuesday, June 18, 2013

11 year old becomes a Father

An 11 year old boy becomes a father after having sex with a 36 year old woman in New Zealand. The eleven year old boy and the 36 year old woman had sex for months, according to the school principal.
Father at age Eleven
Father at age 11 with a 36 year old woman

They first started having sex in April when the woman invited the boy home, got him drunk and had sex with him. The sex between the two continued for months and although the boy claimed to be very aware of the situation, he confessed that he "needed to end that."

Shocked by the revelation of the facts, the news was reported immediately to Children and Family Services and the police to file a complaint. The woman and the child, whose names were not disclosed for privacy, lives in the main district of North Island in Auckland.

The case, which has shocked the public, also highlights the laws of New Zealand, according to which the crime of rape applies only to men, who face a maximum penalty of 20 years. Women who force another person to have sex can not be convicted of rape, but sexual abuse, and often face up to 14 years in prison.

The Minister of Justice, Judith Collins, said: "This case raises an important issue.I'm Going to get expert advice on whether or not to require a change of legislation."


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