Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Skype presents "video messages"

Skype presents its "video messages" for free that allows you send a video message to another recipient. The feature is available for users with Windows 7 and 8, Mac, iOS, Android and BlackBerry. You can send and receive as many video messages as desired, completely free of charge .
Skype presents "video messages"
Skype launches "video messages"
How to send video messages via Skype

1) Once you open Skype , click on the dedicated button "Video Message" . Next, click on the record button to start recording the video message. Bear in mind that Skype only allows recordings capture three minutes , at most, but the fact is that currently there is no limitation on that of the duration.

2) Before making the final shipment can play the video . If you see that the result does not convince you, you have the option to delete and re-record until you are satisfied.

3) When you have the final video, you can simply tap on the icon "Send" you're next to the taskbar.Select the receiver and accepts. In seconds, your buddy will receive a message in your inbox telling you that you have a video message ready to be played.

If you are eager to try this new feature, you can simply update your Skype.


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