Sunday, August 11, 2013

Interview With Nigerian Governor

Nigerian Governor answers questions from Osa's eye in a behind the scene one on one interview about Politics, governance and changes in Nigeria. This is the second exclusive Interview and one of a kind for this month Profiling Nigerians. The Governor of the state spoke on conditions of anonymity. Following is a transcript of the interview with current Nigerian Governor conducted by Osa. The interview was conducted at the Governors office in a State, on August 2, 2013.   
                                 Interview With Nigerian Governor

Thanks for inviting me Governor. I am honored to be here. It's been two years since your administration was elected into office. And as your speech sort of laid out plans to rehabilitate your state during the election campaign, you still have a situation where growth remains slow, roads and schools are worse than before, and unemployment sky high. A lot of Nigerians are worried although this is nothing abnormal to what they are used to. They believed in you as a good person and that's why they voted for you. What has changed since?

Thank you for your time. First, I must commend you on what you are doing on your blog.

Thank you

 Now to the matter at hand. If you look over the last seven months, I have been struggling to deliver on the promises I made. I wanted the people of Nigeria to have an idea of what's going on behind closed doors. When we first met over the U.S, we talked about ways to effect a change in Nigeria. I told you then that it will take more than fifty years if not one hundred years before Nigeria will become a better place like America. It is hard to deliver on the promises. You see in America, the governors have their own police and the state have their own police too. We need to have something like that here. Each state have to be independent with a central focus. We need to have an agenda where every state has to perform to an optimal condition. If you are not performing according to standard, the senate should vote and impeach such person including the President.

What has been happening in the past two years is not reflective of my values and goals for my state. We see roads to the Airport, Downtown, Tourist area and stadium all brand new and in good conditions. Go a mile over East/West and you will see untarred roads. We are very deceptive. As soon as the money or budget allocation comes in, everybody comes in and takes their cut including. They stuck in their piles and the money left over is thrown at the Chinese companies to rehabilitate our roads.  I believe that is one of the main reasons we are not developing as a nation. Those educated are not trained and can't even get a job. We outsource our jobs to foreigners and allow them enslave our citizens. Too bad.

How can we effect a change in Nigeria? The governance and administration seems to be overly corrupt and inherited from one to another. Nigerians are waiting for Nigerians in the diaspora to come back home and effect a change. Where do they start from and how is this going to work?
Unless there is a radical youth evolution like the one that happened in Ghana, Nigeria is not going to change.The youth and the tax payers will have to stand up for themselves and say enough is enough. If you are not going to work for the people of Nigeria, get out of office and allow an strong educated person do the job. If it means paying them to sit out, that's fine, but we need people who are willing and ready to fix Nigeria.

Please elaboration on what you mean by radical revolution.
Today, if you are a good Politician and you are doing your best to fix roads, education, generate jobs for the unemployed and do something that will benefit the people of Nigeria, you will be taken out. Wiped out completely. You instantly become an enemy of the state and also enemy of the Political party that placed you in office. The youth and the upcoming generation has to fight because this is their country. They must say if you are not going to do anything in office, don't run. They must be very thorough with their statement like ASUU is going about their business now. The circle of events has to stop. Nigeria is better than this and if the leaders are saying it is too big to be governed, let's look at America. America is bigger than Nigeria and they are doing good.

Nigeria will continue to be hurting until the youth and the younger generation is restored back in place. There are somethings that should be non negotiable. Some things that ought not to be so. These things impact on the governance of the state. They impact on the governance of this great country. We compromise the goodness of the state and that of fellow Nigerians for money. I came to do one thing but the people behind my back and even some below me are all after money.  You can negotiate somethings but others should be non negotiable. We should never negotiate with corruption. This country is better than that. It has never worked and is not working.

Thank you, Mr. Governor.

Thanks, Osa. Appreciate you.

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  1. Wonderful and insightful interview. Thanks Osa for publishing this post.