Saturday, August 31, 2013

Man found 100 thousand dollars and returned It

A man found $100,000 in a bag and returned it to the owner. The generous man was rewarded him with $400. The Cordovan taxi driver found a bag with the 100 thousand dollars that had been forgotten by a passenger who took his service and kindly returned it.

Man found 100 thousand dollars and returned

The taxi driver Juan Amado, father of eight, found the bag and quickly reported it to the agency's manager. When asked, Amando said  "I did it for God and for my children,"

"When I suffered a stroke eight years ago, they said I would be in a wheelchair. I asked God to let me work to feed my children and He did. Thats why I'm going to return something with all that He gave me? I didn't do it for me, or for the person who lost it, I did it for God "he said.

"I did, in addition, to give an example to my children and although several colleagues tell me it is wrong, you should have told me in store for me, I insist that it is not so," he added.

The taxi driver told the media that when he returned the bad to the owner, the owner "was sitting on a sidewalk, heartbroken" for having lost that significant amount of money.

Would you have returned the money to the owner? Are you like one of his friends, what would you have done? Osas eye is conducting a survey. Please leave a comment below.


  1. oboy!! if na me see that king money.
    let me just comment my reserve.

  2. I will be on the Island in a Yatch with all them round ass chics, champaigne, Moet on me. It will only get better.

  3. oforkooooooo!
    ehn,come again?....Ino hear u. shocked

    .....if na kasumu or sir k for lagos garage,he wld probably be thanking God rather than doing it for God.

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