Sunday, December 22, 2013

How Nigerian Bloggers Earn Money Blogging

One of the goals of a Nigerian blogger is to start earning money as soon as the blog is launched. I’ve received many calls from fellow bloggers to monetize my blog. I thought it would be nice to answer some of my Nigerian in the industry about how to make some money through ads and sponsored post since I’m already earning some money. I’ve not covered my blog with too many ads. I love that I can do this and still make money online. I didn’t want to keep all the secrets to myself, so I decided to share a few of the ways I’m making money with you, so that you can start exploring some new options as well!
How Nigerian Bloggers Earn Money

1. Google Adsense - This is where it all started for us all. Adsense is a simple program, once accepted, you put their ads on your site and then get paid when people click on them! The major problem with Adsense is that it has too many rules and guidelines. If accepted, you can earn from $1-100 a day.

2. Social Spark - This is another nice company that helps bloggers get connected with different brands and products for sponsored posts. You sign up for the program (it’s free) and fill out some information about your blog. Then Social Spark will let you know when you get ‘leads’.  Once you ve received the information about each lead, you analyze it and decide whether or not to accept them. Once you’ve accepted, the company that provided the lead may select you to preform the sponsored post for them. Oftentimes they will have a specific topic for you to write about, and they will ask that you include certain information about their company or specific links to their site. This is a great way to get writing inspiration AND be paid for writing! My first sponsored post earned me less compared to my last.

3. Sponsored Tweets - This is another super fun and EASY way to earn! Once you are signed up with sponsored tweets you can connect your twitter account and get started! You set the amount that you want to be paid per tweet, and you can adjust it as you see fit, they even let you know what a good starting point would be, based on your followers.

These three mentioned are the programs with which I’ve had personal and positive experience.
There are a couple of other programs that I’ve heard about. I can only talk about those that are success driven rather than mere words. 

Do you want to make money blogging? Are you already doing it? What’s your favorite method?


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