Sunday, August 25, 2013

Man raped his stepdaughter: had 10 children

The horrific incident took place in Santiago del Estero, where Police arrested a man accused of raping his stepdaughter and he had 10 children with her. The detainee whose name has not been disclosed was apprehended in Concháyoj. The victim is now 35, but began to be molested for the first time at age 11.

Man raped his stepdaughter: had 10 children

"At age 11 I took the mount. I had to help at the mill. Then he began to abuse me, "she revealed in the office that assists victims of domestic violence courts.

"He beat me and raped me. At age 14 I had my first child, " Since then she was subjected to an ordeal of rape and births. The woman filed a complaint with the prosecutor and the judge Rosa Falco.

"I was forced to give birth at home when my children were born he went and gave them the name. " Today, the eldest son of the victim is more than 20 years.

"Two of my children died. He buried them near my house. Four are working with me and the others, I think that far. "

"My mom knew everything, always told her, but she did nothing. All of fear", was the victim. His mother and sister accompanied her to that are filing the complaint.


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