Monday, August 26, 2013

The Most Shocking Reactions to Miley Cyrus MTV Video Awards

The singer, who shocked the viewers with her music video 'We can not stop', drew multiple interpretation of the provocative dance as the most shocking performance at the MTV Video Awards Sunday night. The provocative gestures intensified when she sang a duet another song, 'Blurred Lines', along with Robin Thicke. The young artist, 20 years of age and daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus joined the list of Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Madonna.

 Most Shocking Reactions to Miley Cyrus MTV Video Awards

The Most Shocking Reactions to Miley Cyrus MTV Video Awards

The image of the Smith family, appalled, tells their reaction to the performance and is the most shared picture on social networks on Monday morning
The image of the Smith family at the MTV video awards

I've come to the conclusion that all female performers, should dress like Adele. If they can sing, they don't need skimpy outfits to perform.

Pure porn called entertainment! Should have been censored. Miley is a disgrace. This is not "music". She needs her tongue contained. CHILDREN were at this show! She herself is a minor, reprehensible! She is a child cavorting In a perverse manner with adults. Aren't there laws against this!!!!!!!!!! MTV should be ashamed.

You haters leave Miley alone. Why is a sexualized performance a bad thing? she is good looking, puts on a show and can sing a little. People like that. I did.

Miley Cyrus please hire a choreographer and do it now. Do not pass go.
Your dance moves are gangly and embarrassing. You look like a giant albino spider out there.
Gee, was I too harsh?

For her "performance" to shock Rihanna ... you know it had to be really bad! The picture of the Smith family ... priceless. Pretty much the same expression I had, especially when she brought out that oversized fan hand. EEWWWW

I'm embarrassed that I belong to the same species as Miley Cyrus.

Talk about 'hate from a distance.' Guaranteed, all these Miley haters will have a completely different reaction if she suddenly knocked on their front door asking for directions?

As somebody else wrote, makes you want to weep that this represents music in America. Someday we'll look back and be embarrassed at this trash. Some are already.

Because that's today's young women. I blame their mothers. I have a teenage son, Whenever I drop him off at school, I'm shocked at how the girls are dressed. The mothers are actually dropping their daughters off, wearing mini skirts, hooker boots and cleavage showing. And you should see how the daughters are dressed.

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  1. she went too far.

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