Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Forbes list Madonna as highest-paid celebrity

"Forbes" has published the list of highest-earning celebrities. According to the "Forbes" list of the highest-earning stars the "Material Girl" and queen of pop between June 2012 and June 2013 earned a whopping
 $ 125 million to become the highest-paid celebrity.
Forbes list Madonna as highest-paid celebrity

Forbes has given its judgment on the basis of receipts from the world tour. Steven Spielberg, despite the success of his film 'Lincoln', ranks second with a gain of $ 100 million (calculated in the year up to June 2013), for the most part thanks to past movies like 'ET' and ' Jurassic Park 'that continue to collect large sums of money. '' The success of Madonna, 55 years old, simply demonstrates the incredible power of a successful music career,'' said Dorothy Pomerantz of Forbes, pointing out that the 27 year old Lady Gaga was often referred to as a threat to the pop star's Michigan in the gap since the eighties.


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