Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cheryl Cole's crazy tattoo

Cheryl Cole's tattoo is the talk of London. The British singer post the pictures of the extravagant and perhaps excessive tattoo on her lower back.
 Cheryl Cole's crazy tattoo

The singer published pictures showing her latest tattoo: a collection of colorful roses  at her bottom. The artist wanted to share photos of this "masterpiece" on the web and has made ​​one with its author, the tatoo artist Nikko Hurtado who calls Cole an extraordinary artist. To perform this floral design on the backside of Cheryl took us a good 15 hours and, as is easy to see, it was not a little painful for the singer. During an interview with British newspaper "Mirror" the star said that this was also his latest tattoo as some others scattered all over the body, while the British public has branded it as an example of absolute lack of good taste.


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