Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dozens Killed in Nairobi Mall Shootings

Nairobi Mall Shootings

Kenya Mall Shootings

Shooting in kenya mall leaves at least 30 dead

Shooting in Nairobi mall leaves at least 30 dead

A group of 18 masked men entered one of the most luxurios shopping malls in Nairobi, Kenya with guns and machetes and started shooting.

At least 30 people dead and many wounded , according to preliminary data provided by the director of the Cross Red in that country, Abbas Gullet.

"The toll is 30 dead and 60 wounded. That includes people who died at the scene and who died in the hospital," he said from police sources told AFP.

According to an eyewitness, the gunmen told the Muslims at the mall to leave quickly and opened fire on targeted non-Muslims. "They said that Muslims had to get up and walk away. They were safe, non-Muslims were the target, "he said.

The police came half an hour after the first shots and entered the battle with the gunmen. The police called it a terror attack.

The Islamic terrorist movement al-Shabaab has against the Arab television channel Al Jazeera said it was behind the attack this afternoon in the Kenyan Westgate mall.


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