Monday, October 21, 2013

The Only Winners In the ASUU Strike

ASUU Strike

Has the ASUU Strike damaged the reputations of Education in Nigeria? No doubt, It has. The majority of Nigerians are fed up with the ongoing four months strike. The only winners in this case is Education, the losers are the federal government and ASUU.
First, we all must understand that the strike is not about ASUU or the federal government. It is about Education. How do we improve the dull state of our institution? How do we believe in a better Nigeria when the federal government cannot implement its signed agreement? The strike is great for Asuu to assume its powers but bad for a malfunctioning government.

Few grudges here and there that the Academic Union of Universities ASUU is becoming too selfish and self centered for the ongoing strike.

To address the root etiology of the strike, government must, without delay, honor the agreement it signed with ASUU and make available the funds. According to ASUU, the strike is to register the displeasure of university teachers over government’s failure to honor a Memorandum of Understanding it signed on January 24, 2012 to comprehensively implement the 2009 Agreement signed by both parties. The main thrust of that agreement include: funding for infrastructure; university autonomy and academic freedom; improved staff welfare and condition of service. These conditions are not for ASUU but to improve the advancement of Education in Nigeria. So far ASUU has failed to persuade the government to do so.

It is a lack of integrity on government’s part to renege on its promise. One of the hallmarks of good governance is integrity; and this is an all-important virtue required of those who claim to superintend such an important sector as education. The excuse that the government cannot afford to adequately fund university education is dishonest in the face of the unconscionable pillaging of state funds by public officials. It is a shameful representation of the leadership quality of those in the corridors of power in this administration


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