Thursday, December 19, 2013

Penelope Cruz: the best body in 2013

Penelope Cruz has the best body this year, according to the latest ranking from "Fitness Magazine."
the best bodies of 2013
Penelope Cruz was instrumental in the Fitness Magazine who has now appointed her celebrity with the best body in 2013. Her figure beats other celebrities like Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lawrence, who was listed second and third respectively.

"Her obsession with the Mediterranean diet, dance in spare time and running after their children have made Penelope Cruz regain its lush figure in record time," says the fitness magazine.

Although the movie star refuses to submit to a strict regime and ensures avoid excessive exercise, beauty Motley Health emphasized on the spanish diva's vegetarian diet that began in 2000.

Although never publicly confirmed its commitment to vegetarianism, Penelope has always boasted of the positive effects they have on your body the most typical products of the Mediterranean diet, as in the responsible and balanced consumption is the key to a silhouette as attractive as healthy.

"I love to cook and always try to do lunch when I'm home. Fresh foods and recipes of Mediterranean cuisine are really the key to my fitness. I will not submit to crash diets or I'll kill the gym to take care of. Centre feed healthily enough for me, and for that we must be very careful with what you eat, "the actress explained in an interview with the India Times.


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