Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ankara Nigerian Jackets New Trends

Ankara Nigerian Jackets New Trends

This blog doesn't sell Ankara. It was created to promote Ankara on all four fronts. Created to birth the fashion that Africans has come to love dearly. Friends were it to school, work, parties and occasions. Osaseye will continue to pioneer this new fashion trends that has gone viral. African Prints is circling the globe. Everyone seems to love it so far. I have received multiple offers from bloggers, fans and osaseye blog readers on how to acquire African designed prints: Ankara.
Ankara Jacket Pictures

This post continues the trend of ankara, with the spotlight on Stella Jean: a designer who has created a uniqueness from African prints with a mix of both Haitian and Italian haute couture in her new breeds of Ankara Jackets.

The Ankara Jackets has creole oozing all over it but make no mistake, You are Nigerian.


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