Friday, August 22, 2014

Nigerians Still Failing WAEC: Students to Blame

Some of Nigeria's Secondary School Students are attending 'Secondary' school part time while others are not attending school at all. Attending Secondary School part time is as troublesome as the government claims not doing this or that. How can you blame the government, country's security issues and others on the current WAEC mass failure rate? Is the Nigeria government or educational sector really hostile to student's learning?

Nigerians Still Failing WAEC: Students to Blame

" Because of the poverty level in the country, some of the students must first hawk for their parents before going to school. They have no time to learn. On the part of the teachers, they are no longer committed to their teaching job as some of them have abandoned the core teaching profession for trading in the school. For me, the solution is to restructure the system. The system needs total overhauling."

"We must know what the secondary education is meant for, what the primary is meant for and what kind of students we want in the school. The type of country we are building will determine the type of graduates we will have." Dr Adebowale Adeyemi Suenu said

I believe these Seconday School Students need to take full responsibility for their failures. The failure is as a result of students failure to read their books, do their homework and study for exams. But instead, they rather engage and spend majority of their time in social media. They need to devote more time to studying and stop blaming the Nigerian government.

The results of the Senior School Certificate Examminations by NECO and WAEC have shown that all is not well with the sector at secondary school level.

NECO affirmed that the performances of many candidates fell below the national average of 40.6 per cent  "WAEC's results of May/June 2014 put the percentage at 31.28, that is 1.6 million candidates that wrote the examinations."

"Prior to this year's WAEC results, performance has consistently been  38.93 per cent in 2012 and 2013,  42.52 per cent in 2011. 23-26 per cent between 2008-2010. Simply not good enough.

The WAEC results and 31.28 per cent performance recorded by candidates from Nigeria is for both public and private schools. The Nigerian government does not regulate the private schools.

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  1. Nice insight. We spend so much time accusing the government and playing the blame game.
    But how can you be a secondary part time students? That's a big problem