Friday, September 26, 2014

Big Brother Africa Hotshots Latest new housemates

Big Brother Africa Hotshots Latest new housemates
Big Brother Africa Hotshots Housemates have been unveiled and the excitement is really building for this new season as African countries eagerly sees their representatives.

The popular Television reality show has so far unveiled 12 housemates who will appear in the Season 9 of the show, which is scheduled to start on October 5, South Africa.

M-Net and Endemol, the organizers of the show, have been unveiling this year's BBA housemates for the past five days.

The organizers has so far unveiled Zimbabwe's JJ, Tanzanian's Laveda and South Africa-based Ghanaian Kacey Moore, who will represent Ghana in the show.

Miss Uganda Stellah Nantumbwe (Ellah), Uganda's Esther, Kenya's Melvin Alusa, Zimbabwe's Butterphly, Botswana's Goitse, Tanzania's Idris and Alusha from Kenya

Nigeria is yet to found out their other representative housemates beside Ulian. Fever peach! Big Brother Africa gets you talking. See pictures of the housemates

The winner of the Season 9 hotshot of the widely-awaited television reality show will be honored with a huge prize of US$300,000.

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