Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Google deletes Blogger Linda Ikeji and Blog

Google deletes Blogger Linda Ikeji and Blog
Nigeria and Africa's most popular blogger and blog has been removed. The reason is unknown this time. But Osaseye believes that this is a cyber attack. You know when a virus is sent to your site because their are many variations of lindaikeji's.

Linda Ikeji complained about threat of spammers and bad belle trying to shut her down. She took to twitter and her blog to inform her readers while assuring them that she will be back soon.

The news first broke when social media analyst @MrAyeDee announced that Google had begun action against Linda Ikeji’s blog for content theft and copyright infringement.

In a blog post titled “To The Guys That Want To Take Down LIB, Here’s A Message To You…lol”

She stated that the success of her blog was the reason why she was being attacked.

She further explained that social commentator, Mr. Aye Dee and a team of IT experts had been working on a plan to hack her blog, disclosing that they had initially hit her blog with spam, and this had forced Google to take down her adsense. Not satisfied with that they kept sending her ‘phishy’ emails in a bid to hijack her blog.

“They want Google to shut it down. That is their aim. Will they succeed? I sincerely don’t know. I’m not an IT expert…I know they are spamming and filing complaints, I don’t know what else they are doing behind the scenes but they are relentless.

Now let me give you guys a bit who this Aye Dee guy is. He’s anonymous on Twitter. Nobody really knows who he is but according to those investigating him, his name is Emmanuel Efremov simply known as EE by his friends. He’s the owner of media group. Based in Manhattan. Gets funding from some US organization. (His number – 212 9608127). He’s apparently been stalking me for years now and have registered quite a number of my domain names… plus 8 others. He also owns…yep, he owns a blog. He accuses me of copyright infringement but when you go to 9jalife and other websites he owns…98% of the things he has on there are other people’s content. You see pot calling kettle black? Lol.

Immediately he was found out yesterday, the IT expert immediately started to redirect to my blog. If you click now, it will redirect you to this blog. He panicked yesterday and quickly did it. A name he register as far back as 2011. Lol. Choi!

Not only that, he’s also a cyber squatter. Yep, he registers 100s of websites belonging to others around the world and tries to make money off them. Guess one of his aims is to run me out of blogger so I come to him and his team and pay thousands of dollars to get one of the several names he’s registered. Not going to happen, boo! Hehe

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