Thursday, October 9, 2014

Linda Ikeji Mobile Blog is Running

Linda Ikeji Mobile Blog is Running has been suspended but her mobile platform is currently working. For LIB readers, fans and curious minds who wants to reach out to Nigeria's most popular blogger, please visit her mobile platform. Good news is that you can visit the lindaikeji mobi outside of your mobile devices. LIB fans can access to follow up on the latest saga, news and latest gossip from Linda.

A letter to some Nigerians and LIB fans: please stop this ethnicity hate crimes. Google suspending Linda Ikeji blog has nothing to do with her buying a Range Rover or building a house. Neither does it have anything to do with Ibo vs Yoruba. I am very sure that Google founders or operators are not yoruba and do not discriminate based on ethnicity.

Let's stop this invasive rumor and help one another. Trash talking and stupid comments is not helping Linda, other bloggers and Nigeria as a whole.


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