Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nigeria Airports Will Not Go Private Anytime Soon

Nigeria Airports Will Not Go Private Anytime Soon

If the Airports in Nigeria were owned by private companies, would it rank and perform better than the current state? That is the question for Nigerians to ponder upon the news of Nigeria Privatizing the Airport Aviation Service.

''We are planning to commence the privatization of airports; the airports will be more efficient if the private sector is running them," said Benjamin Dikki, the Director-General of Bureau of Public Enterprise (BPE) in Abuja.

He said although the government had made substantial investment in the aviation sector, a lot still remained to be done, adding that it was the reason why the government was considering privatizing the airports.

"Very soon, we will engage the Minister of Aviation and we will start a new process of privatizing or concession of airports just like we have done with the seaports," he added.

"We are likely to grant concession of maybe 15 to 20 years, according to the business model agreed on, so that investors can make a reasonable return on the investment during the concession period,"


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