Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014 Global Corruption index: Nigeria ranks 136

Which Countries Are The Most Corrupt?

Which Countries Are The Most Corrupt? Not Nigeria but South Sudan, Afganistan, Sudan, North Korea and Somalia in the bottom five in that order.

According to the Corruption Perception Index released today by Transparency International,
Corruption a "globa problem" latest index shows. No country in the world has managed to achieve a perfect score of 100 in the 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index but osaseye credits to Denmark (92 points), which topped the list, has occupied the No. 1 position since 2012. New Zealand (91 points), which was No. 1 both last year and in 2012, was No. 2 this year. Finland (89), No. 3 in the index, was unchanged from last year. Sweden (87) fell one place to No. 4. Norway (86) was unchanged at No. 5.

Of the 175 countries scored, Nigeria score 27 and ranked 136th. Last year Nigeria scored 25 and was ranked 144 out of 177.

The top African countries with the best score index and ranking were Namibia (score 49 ranks 55/175), South Africa (score 44 ranks 67/175) and Senegal(score 43 ranks 69/175)

Improvements in Egypt's business climate in 2014 helped put the country among the biggest improvers worldwide.

North Africa's largest economy climbed 20 spots to score 37 and rank 94th out of 175 countries


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