Sunday, January 18, 2015

"Would you marry someone TWICE your age?"

date or marry someone TWICE your age?"
Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, 71, and his 25-year-old actress girlfriend Scarlett Sabet pictured above have a 46 year age gap between them. As Page celebrated his birthday at Nando's this week, the question most people asked was as a man or woman "Would you marry someone TWICE your age?"

So why do some men and women go for someone much older or younger instead or a person their own age? Sex therapist Louise Van De Velde says it's a cliche, but age is nothing but a number.

Is Age really a problem...My wife is 20 years younger than myself. My wife/husband earns a larger wage bill than me. So the problem remains. Would you marry someone twice your age or is it always about money or security .

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