Thursday, January 15, 2015

President Jonathan busy campaigning in Nigeria Massacre

President Jonathan busy campaigning in Nigeria Massacre

He became Nigeria President by luck. Goodluck Jonathan is very incompetent to run. Goodluck Jonathan is actually a badluck Nigeria. “Here hundreds of people are being killed at Baga and other places in Nigeria, but the President is busy campaigning. It is very sad.” The sad news is that some sector of Nigerians still support him. The time is up for Jonathan.

Goodluck Jonathan's trend of silence is not helping Nigeria.

A day after gunmen killed 12 people at the French satirical weekly, Charlie Hebdo, in Paris on Jan. 7, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan quickly issued a statement calling the attack a “dastardly terrorist attack.”

The same time period, Boko Haram Islamist raided and killed more than 2000 people in Nigeria, in his own country and his office have said very little. His spokesmen, Doyin Okupe, posted a Jan. 10 Twitter message questioning the reported death toll, while outspoken Reuben Abati, didn’t answer calls to his mobile phone.

It’s not the first time that Jonathan, a 57 year old man has remained silent about Islamist militant attacks in Nigeria. When Boko Haram militants kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls from the northeastern village of Chibok in April, Jonathan made no public comment for almost three weeks.He refused publicly to visit the town.

After a deadly bomb blast killed more than 100 people in the capital Abuja last year, Jonathan was pictured dancing away at a political rally the next day.
“By acknowledging the scale of the violence, he’s acknowledging a certain degree of his failure as a president, so he’s not going to talk about security with less than six weeks to go before the election,” Manji Cheto, vice-president of corporate advisory company Teneo Intelligence, said today by phone from London.

The governor of Borno, the state most affected by Boko Haram, has publicly stated that the Islamists are much better armed than the soldiers. The military’s annual budget exceeds £4bn, but Soldiers are not well trained and armed to combat the Isamist group. Perhaps ask the commander in chief. No he won't comment on his administration corruption either.

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