Saturday, May 9, 2015

How Much Does the Average Nigerian Wedding Actually Cost?

Wedding cost Nigeria

Google 2015 has reported that the most searched terms in Nigeria is wedding. The average cost of a wedding in Nigeria in 2015 so far is 1.8 million naira, according to a recent survey by Osaseye blog, which surveyed 5,000 brides and brides-to-be from January to December of 2014. The figure includes the introduction, native law and custom or traditional wedding and the white wedding.

Honeymoon, and all the parental list of things to buy plus the white or church wedding adds up to an estimated national average of a about 3.5 million naira.

Wedding costs in Nigeria are less than the Nigerian wedding overseas. Wedding prices continue to rise every month and most bride and groom to be tend to underestimate how much a wedding cost.

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