Friday, May 8, 2015

Mother's Day 2015 Top Ranking Gift Ideas

Mother's Day 2015

Mother's Day is around the corner. We celebrate our mothers and say "thank you". And osaseye hopes you have not gotten around to get a small gift or forgotten about your mother? 

Luckily Friday and Saturday is still open for last minute shoppers

Osaseye blog gathers around 80 percent of people across the globe will purchase a bouquet of flowers  to celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday. More than a quarter (28 percent) will spend time with their mom or have a meal together. Nearly as 27 percent will rely on chocolates and candies.

This according to the data points, especially readily available and more affordable gifts. Almost half 46 percent will invested 10 to 25 euros in a gift, 9 percent remain below 10 euros. Only 2 of 100  really dig deep into their pockets and invest more than 100 euros. Mothers are worth more.

According to other survey the kitchen and home appliances also rank on the last minute deals on Mother's Day gift. Cookbook very unpopular made it to 49 percent. The same applied for cosmetics (33 percent) and unimaginative vouchers for retail (18 percent).

100 percent of people believes that  Mother's Day is a very important day and an opportunity to give a gift and appreciate all mothers.


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