Tuesday, March 8, 2016

#TellTheTruth: 2 years, still no trace of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

#TellTheTruth: 2 years, still no trace of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 (flight MH370) with 239 passengers on board remains a mystery. The team of international investigators published its annual progress report to mark two years of the missing Malaysia airlines flight MH370.

"To date, the wreckage of MH370 has not been found despite continuing research in the Indian Ocean south of," notes the brief report.

"Ongoing research operations should be completed later this year, and we remain hopeful that the MH370 will be found," said Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak in a statement.

Australia, who heads the research - the largest and most expensive in history - is expected to conclude by July at its operations concentrated in the Indian Ocean depths over a large area of ​​120 000 km square, the equivalent of three times the area of ​​Switzerland.

"Research will continue in the days and months ahead on the remaining 30,000 square kilometers, and Australia, Malaysia and China are hopeful that the plane will be found," said a news Australian Transport Minister Darren Chester.

"We are suffering day and night"

"Finding the airplane would provide answers to everyone, especially to families who have lost loved ones," he added.

In Beijing, more than a dozen victims' family members gathered at a Buddhist temple to pray, read a statement calling not to interrupt the search.

"Since the disappearance of MH370, we of families are suffering day and night, every day passing as a year. What we feel for those on board the plane that are dear to us is growing every day, "says the statement of the family.

The second anniversary is also the time limit for filing a complaint against an airline after an accident.

Many relatives of victims and parents and lodged appeals against Malaysia Airlines in recent days in the US, Malaysia, China, Australia and elsewhere, while others agreed transaction amicably, according to lawyers. A number of relatives of victims devastated by this loss accuse the airline and the Malaysian government to hide information about what happened and treat bluntly, that the dispute concerned.


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