Friday, February 1, 2013

Clinton steps down as U.S Secretary of state

Hillary Clinton bids farewell to office

Hillary Clinton on Friday formally stepped down as the 67th U.S. Secretary of State, ending her four- year tenure in office.

"Thank you," Clinton said in her farewell remarks at the lobby of the State Department building. "Just standing here looking out at all of you, the people I have been honored to serve and lead and work with over the last four years, is an incredible experience."

"I am very proud to have been secretary of state. I will miss you," she told the State Department staff. "On a personal basis, let me wish all of you the very best."

Finishing her remarks, Clinton stepped out of the lobby and left the State Department building in a dark-blue limousine.

Democratic Senator John Kerry has been sworn in as the new secretary of state in a private ceremony on Friday, shortly after Clinton left office. 


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