Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Homeless man returns diamond ring

Homeless Missouri Man who returned diamond ring gets $188,000 in donations. Billy Ray Harris, a homeless 55-year-old from Missouri, made headlines last month for the return of an engagement ring that a woman, carelessly, dropped it into his cup for donations. A platinum ring with diamond the goldsmith said it was worth 4000 euros.

homeless man returns ring and becomes rich

The story leaves the woman dumbfounded, absolutely surprise when she came back and found Billy at the same location with the ring. To thank the homeless man she decided to open an online subscription ending in 50 days. At the time of this writing there are about 8,000 people who together have donated more than $ 188,000 for Billy.

"I had the TV on and I thought I heard his name, I turned around and I looked at that picture again, it was my brother," the sister of Billy, referring to the story of his brother in tv. "I called and I said, 'This is my brother. I've been looking for 16 years. '"She lives in Texas, about 800 miles from Kansas City. And there's more. Many have offered to help Billy: man has also found a home and a job as a "roadie"

Krejci and Billy Sunday were on the "Today Show," NBC's morning program when the presenter announced a surprise and did get Robin, Edwin, Elsie and Nellie: the five brothers. Harris found themselves all together again. Hugs, tears, smiles, but also the embarrassment of the past. Off the air there will be time to meet and talk about what went wrong.

Honesty pays.

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  1. Wow! God bless him