Sunday, March 24, 2013

Woman gives birth while in coma

A 29 year old woman woman gave birth to a baby while in coma. The woman Simona Tirendi enter into a coma in the fourth month of pregnancy and gives birth on the sixth month. The baby renamed Francesco by the family in honor of Pope Francis weighs 850 grams, and will remain in the incubator of the Department of Neonatology at the Hospital of Padua for a couple of months.
baby born from woman in a coma

The mother however, remains intubated in the intensive care unit still in coma

"Simona was fine until six months ago," says Pablo Rubio Salome, her husband, "then she started to have a numbness on one side of the face. We went to the doctor, but did not reveal anything.

Simona Tirendi suffered from weakness, blurred vision and dystonia after discovering that she is pregnant. She has relapse from the infectious agent 'Prion' which led her into into a coma. She has never recovered since.

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