Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A touching video of a premature baby

A touching video of a premature baby

A powerful and moving video showing the first year of life and struggle of Ward Milles, a baby born three and a half months early and weighing only 700 grams. The touching video thrills Internet to more than 3 million videos in less than 48 hours of upload.

His father, a professional photographer, recorded every moment from premature birth and gave his wife the video that travels the world.  The life of Miles Ward Miller is a success story

"He was born too soon, and the obstacles they had to overcome were very big, but no bigger than our God. This is a love story of a mother for her baby. A year ago he came home. I made this video to commemorate its first year and so far he has come. Today happens to be the birthday of her mother ... so I made this as a gift for her, "her father wrote with the video.

"This video shows how small it was when I was born, and how sick he was. There are some unpleasant moments but I wanted people to see how bad it looked, and so that when today we look at, look at where it is today.'s truly a miracle and we thank God every day that he has reached where it is. And I also want to thank all the doctors, nurses and staff from around the world with the mission to help sick babies, "the dad.
Watch the touching video of the premature baby.

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