Sunday, November 10, 2013

ASUU Strike: deliberations continue (Meeting updates)

The Universities are still shut down, but deliberations continue among ASUU members looking for solutions to the 2013 ASUU Strike.
ASUU Strike meeting updates

A last minute effort between the Federal Government of Nigeria and ASUU lasted a near 13 hours of deliberations. The meeting began at 2:30pm on Monday and ended at 3:30am Tuesday with either side of the negotiating team positive that the proposal in place will be sufficient enough to end the four month nationwide strike.

ASUU President, Dr. Nasir Isa Fagge, on leaving the presidential villa after the meeting told State House correspondent and reporters that the delegation was taking back an undisclosed message to their members for consideration after which a decision will be taken on the union’s next line of action.

“We have had a lengthy meeting with Mr. President, robbing minds on how best to address the problem of university education in this country. We now have a message from Mr. President that we are going to take to our members and we are expecting that our members will respond appropriately to his message,” he said.

He said since the message was meant for members, and nothing was disclosed to the associated press or any newspapers, so Nigerians let's wait to hear from ASUU. On my watch, a press conference or decision will be made before Friday. .


  1. Goodluck Jonathan can end it now. But he does not wish to do so

  2. Its the government's fault and they need to take the blame for not implementing the 2009 agreement. Four months is too long.

  3. Please tell ASUU and its members to run for Office in 2015. They have demonstrated good leadership skills to take on the government for what is right.

  4. Thanks for your post and follow up on this issue. ASUU has not agreed to anything and please can you let us know as soon as ASUU responds to the proposal. Too many newspapers with their rumors and side talk. You seem to be on point. I hope say you nor be ASUU members, lol

  5. why have asuu found so much pleasure in wasting our precious time, what have this generation of guys done to them? we have been waiting since after the meeting, what do they really want?

  6. 6th November 2013 asuu strike updates, still no news.