Monday, August 25, 2014

Obasanjo: Similarities Between Goodluck Jonathan And Abacha

Some people would balk at the comparison between Jonathan and Abacha, saying it was unfair for the former Nigerian president and elder-statesman Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to compare Abacha with Jonathan. No one likes to be compared to the former Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha. Nigerians don't like that name nor any personnel similar to Abacha. Does Obasanjo have a point or is this another political fight from a frustrated friend?
Obasanjo: Similarities Between Goodluck Jonathan And Abacha

Obasanjo made the economic comparison while addressing a group of traders who visited him in Abeokuta. After reading out a distress message sent to him by SMS by a Nigerian requesting financial assistance, the former President said, "I told him (sender of the message) we experienced this at the time of Abacha, the middle class was completely destroyed".

"I was surprised the day a Colonel in the army came to me complaining that he and his family could not afford to buy a car",Obasanjo continued.

"A friend, Dr. Okoro, was a medical doctor, his wife was also a medical doctor and they have a daughter who is also a medical doctor, but they could not afford a new car, and had to go to Saudi Arabia".

Speaking on the way forward, Obasanjo said, "To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed, if we will get ourselves out of the morals we find ourselves in, it has to be done by each and every one of us. We all have contributions to make and should not leave our responsibilities for others. If we fail to participate in things that are meaningfully positive for this country, we will all become victims".

Addressing the traders on the political journey beyond 2015, Obasanjo said, "As for me, we don’t know where we are going yet, may God show us the way to take this country and make it great. For me, I understand and I see the way, I will tell you, I pray that God will show me the way, may God show you the way".


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