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The largest cities in Nigeria: ranked 1 to 10.

List of largest cities in Nigeria is different from the list of most loved cities in Nigeria

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Goodluck Jonathan Nigeria's weakest President

Nigerians blasts 'very weak' Jonathan

Nigerians blasted President Goodluck Jonathan as the weakest president of Nigeria Friday, following the recent bombings in Lagos, Abuja and the North. The President’s speech defending his inactive approach at the 200 kidnapped school girls.

“He is a very, very weak president,” Nigerians twitted after the Friday interview with Journalists.

He said
“We all bear some pains, from the highest to the least because as a President, I may not go to everywhere I would have loved to go, these are some of the challenges I have to face”

As President Jonathan had in May, 2014 called off a visit to Chibok, the town where the 200 schoolgirls were abducted by Boko Haram.

“It is quite regrettable and extremely painful that when some Nigerians are struggling, thinking about how to contribute to the nation’s development, they are working very hard to take care of their families, train their children, others are busy planning to kill people, intimidate people, destroy peoples’ property. It is regrettable.

“It is one of the darkest phases in the history of our nation, but surely we will get over it. Some other countries have passed through such cloud before and they were able to overcome it and sail through.

“We share the pains of the people who have been directly affected, the pains of their families, but we will surely pass through this ugly phase of our history. The perpetrators of this, those who are directly involved and those who sponsor them will surely be brought to book. “I will use this opportunity to continue to plead with our citizens that under such situation, security operatives will come up with different options that sometimes will create some inconvenience for us, instead of condemning them, let us bear.

“Even for our citizens, under such condition, we have reached some level of restrictions and some pains, instead of shouting and insulting security operatives, let us give them maximum cooperation, give them relevant information.

“All countries that face terror suffer the same thing, citizens give maximum cooperation to the security operatives and help to contain and control, surely we will get over this.

“We are all mourning. I remember that very day we had a football match to play and all Nigerians were celebrating the Eagles hoping they were going to win, then this act came up, I was airborne then, it was when I got down in Malabo that I got the information. Surely, we will get through this.”

Nigerian citizens have given their maximum but I cannot say the same for you as President and Commander-In-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Pharrell, Beyonce and Davido win big at 2014 BET awards

Pharrell, Beyonce and Davido win big at 2014 BET awards

Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ wins top prize at BET awards. The song won video of the year Sunday at the BET Awards. “(BET) allows us as black people to be different and do what we do,” he told the crowd. “You guys keep the lights on for us.” said Pharrell.
Beyonce won three awards, including best female R&B/pop artist, and video of the year for "Drunk In Love." Pharrell won best male R&B/pop artist.

Drake, Beyonce and Jay Z were top nominees with five each. Drake, who was originally set to perform, did not attend, BET said Sunday. He won best male hip-hop artist.

Nigerian superstar grabbed the award for ‘Best African Act‘ at the 2014 BET Awards.

See all the BET winners below:
Best International Act: Africa
Davido (Nigeria)
Best International Act: UK
Krept & Konan
Best Female R&B/Pop Artist
Best Male R&B/Pop Artist
Pharrell Williams
Best Group
Young Money
Best Collaboration
Beyoncé f/ JAY Z – Drunk In Love
Best Male Hip Hop Artist
Best Female Hip Hop Artist
Nicki Minaj
Video of the Year
Pharrell Williams – Happy
Video Director of the Year
Hype Williams
Best New Artist
August Alsina
Best Gospel Artist
Tamela Mann
Best Actress
Lupita Nyong’o
Best Actor
Chiwetel Ejiofor
YoungStars Award
KeKe Palmer
Best Movie
12 Years a Slave
Subway Sportswoman of the Year
Serena Williams
Subway Sportsman of the Year
Kevin Durant
Coca-Cola Viewers’ Choice Award
August Alsina ft Trinidad Jame$ – I Luv This
Centric Award
Jhené Aiko – The Worst
FANdemonium Award

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Education blamed for Nigeria's divorcee Maimuna Abdullahi 14

Nigeria's divorcee Maimuna Abdullahi 14

Although the world's youngest divorcee rate is in Yemen and the current record is held Nujood Ali, Nigeria's youngest divorcee Maimuna Abduahi tells her story as she divorces her husband at age fourteen (14).

She ran away, bore with scars of a forced and abusive marriage.

"I'm too scared to go back home," she whispers, a frown crinkling her brow as she fiddles nervously with her hands. "I know they will force me to go back to my husband."

Maimuna is one of thousands of divorced girls in Nigeria, children who were forced into marriage and have since run away or been thrown out by their husbands. They are victims of a belief that girls should get wed rather than educated. Maimuna's former husband, Mahammadu Saidu, blames her few years of school for her disobedience.

"She had too much ABCD," he says. "Too much ABCD."

Child marriage is very common in Northern Nigeria. Across the country, one in five girls are married before the age of 15, according to the United Nations.

"It's our culture to give our girls in marriage," he says in a reasoning tone. "From the age of 12, a girl can go to her husband's house."

If Education is responsible for the eye opener and Boko Haram intends to stop Nigerians from seeking education, there should be a revision to the northern culture. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Amazing woman running with an 8 month pregnancy

woman running with an 8 month pregnancy

At first, I said to myself this is not safe. It is risky running with an 8 month pregnancy. But then I'm from Nigeria. I can speak for most of the Nigerian women, at least the Nigerians in Nigeria. At 4 weeks of pregnancy, they are handicapped: meaning-a fully stay home mother to be.

One of them said, what if she had fallen to the floor and lost the pregnancy. Another said, it is too risky and should never be done. Well, the doctors gave her clearance to run (yes at 8months and yes 800m).

28 year old Olympian and five-time U.S. national champion Alysia Montano ran an 800m race at the Hornet Stadium in Sacramento, California.

Alysia received a standing ovation after completing the race in 2 minutes, 32.13 seconds, 35 seconds slower than her personal best of 1:57.34, which she smashed back in 2010 in a race in Monaco.
"I've been running throughout my pregnancy and I felt really, really good during the whole process.' Alysia said after the race...

Tetris wins Guiness record for 29-Story game

Tetris wins Guiness record for 29-Story game

I am an avid game, no doubt. I have no bias for the form – board, electronic, computer –just name it. Should I also mention I just bought a PS 4 from an online shopping site. Well, that is not the main issue now – it is Tetris! I happen to love games – no matter what, they tend to task your brain to an extent.
In April, Drexel University associate professor Frank Lee created a version of the popular puzzle game Tetris that people could play on the side of the 29-story Cira Centre in Philadelphia, just in time for the 30th anniversary of one of the most addictive game. Now, Guinness World Records is officially recognizing the event as the “largest architectural video game display “I’m delighted that we were able to earn this recognition once again,” Lee said in a press release on Drexel University’s website. “More so than breaking a record, my goal with this project was to unite the people of the city of Philadelphia around a public art installation — to give them a shared experience and inspire them to think about how a building can be more than just a building and, by extension, how the city can be much more than just a bunch of buildings and people sharing the same space.”
Tetris is no stranger to the record books. Notably, Harry Hong also got in the Guinness book with an incredible game of Tetris DX, clearing 4,988 lines and reaching the max score of 9,999,999. Russian programmer Alexey Pajitnov originally created Tetris on an Elektronika 60 computer. I love Tetris, been playing it since I was 7. Such a lovely game.

What is your favourite game? I think I can safely challenge anyone here to a football game on FIFA 14! Games are engaging – they help one become a critical thinker, trust me. You do not need a to spend on an Xbox or PS. If you have a decent laptop, you can simply buy games online or in game shops. Most games that you have for Playstation and Xbox work on good PCs with good specs.

World Cup LAST-16 Knockout SCHEDULE

Overall, two African countries qualified for the World Cup last-16 knockout games. Below are the schedule for games.
World Cup LAST-16 Knockout SCHEDULE

Brazil v Chile (Saturday, 5pm)
Colombia v Uruguay (Saturday, 9pm)
Netherlands v Mexico (Sunday, 5pm)
Costa Rica v Greece (Sunday, 9pm)
France v Nigeria (Monday, 5pm)
Germany v Algeria (Monday, 9pm)
Argentina v Switzerland (Tuesday, 5pm)
Belgium v USA (Tuesday, 9pm)

The Nigeria squad at the World Cup have missed a scheduled training session in a row over money.

The players are demanding the bonus payment promised to them for reaching the last 16 in the tournament.

They were due to train in Campinas on Thursday but missed their bus because they were in a meeting. Officials later confirmed training had been cancelled.

Nigeria are scheduled to play France in the knockout stages on Monday having finished as runners-up in Group F.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Luis Suarez banned for four months: Should have been for life

Luis Suarez banned for four months: Should have been for life
Luis Suarez should have been banned for life and not 4 months? FIFA has announced that Uruguay striker Luis Suarez has been suspended for nine international matches and banned from all football activity for four months for the bite on Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini. He bridged article 48 and 51 of the FIFA disciplinary code which is an act of non sporting behavior towards another player. The first match of suspension will be the match between Uruguay vs Colombia. 

What a joke and absolute disgrace from FIFA, the punishment is not strong enough. The biggest loser in this is Liverpool FC. I really feel sorry for Liverpool's fans and the football club. This guy is an animal and deserves more than 4 football months, nine international matches and a £66, 000 fine? A stadium ban for Luis Suarez during the World Cup.

Claudio Sulser, the chairman of the FIFA disciplinary committee, said the panel had taken into account all the factors in the case.

"Such behaviour cannot be tolerated on any football pitch, and in particular not at a FIFA World Cup when the eyes of millions of people are on the stars on the field," Sulser said.

"The disciplinary committee took into account all the factors of the case and the degree of Mr Suarez's guilt in accordance with the relevant provisions of the code. The decision comes into force as soon it is communicated."

FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce backed the ban, saying: "I think the punishment that has been handed out to Luis Suarez is fully justified. Hopefully he will have learnt that this type of behaviour cannot be tolerated under any circumstances."

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

FIFA World Cup petition: Ban Luis Suarez

FIFA World Cup petition: Ban Luis Suarez

His actions are a total disgrace to football worldwide and deserves to be banned permanently from playing soccer and not just this World Cup. The petition to ban Luis Suarez has been launched. It is clear from the video that has surfaced over the internet that Luis Suarez did bite again, this time Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini.

The Uruguay striker appeared in the TV footage and replays to sink his teeth into Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini during a winner-take-all Group D match at the World Cup. He left a mark on the defender's shoulder, just as his previous victims. The incident, which wouldn't be the first time Suarez bit another player, occurred in the 80th minute when both players collided in the Italy penalty area.

Chiellini called on FIFA to take action against the Liverpool and Uruguay striker.

"Suarez is a sneak and he gets away with it because FIFA wants their stars to play in the World Cup" Chiellini told Sky Sport Italia, reported ESPN. "I'd love to see if they have the courage to use video evidence against him. The referee saw the bite mark too, but he did nothing about it."

He was suspended 10 games for biting an opponent while playing for Liverpool in April 2013. In 2010, the prodigious goalscorer was banned for seven games for another biting incident while playing for Ajax in the Dutch league.

Given Luis Suarez' bizarre history of biting, he should be banned forever.

How Nigeria can win, draw or even lose to Argentina and still advance in the World Cup

How Nigeria can win, draw or even lose to Argentina and still advance in the World Cup

Nigeria need to avoid defeat in their final Group F game against Argentina to guarantee a place in last 16 without depending on results from the other group games. Nigeria have four points from their first two matches and even if they lose in Porto Alegre to Argentina they will still progress to the next round if Iran fail to beat Bosnia.

Nigeria won their first World Cup game in 10 outings against Bosnia and Herzegovina in 16 years. The African Champions looked dismal raising blood pressure in the win against Bosnia. The Super Eagles of Nigeria are very unpredictable. When they play with lower teams, they play as if uninterested and lacking urge. Playing Argentina will up their level of interest in what has become accustomed with the Eagles.

This will be the fourth meeting involving Nigeria and Argentina at a FIFA World Cup; Argentina won the previous three to have taken place. Argentina have been terrible and haven't been at their best like Nigeria. This game of winner takes the group is vital because the winner gets to play either Switzerland, Honduras or Ecuador. Even Argentina will want to avoid France in the last 16.

Naija don't panic! Nigeria can win, draw or even lose to Argentina and still advance in the World Cup

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sexy criminal Jeremy Meeks Facebook hits 167,000 likes

Sexy criminal Jeremy Meeks Facebook hits 167,000 likes

"He looks like a model," says a Facebook fan. Jeremy Meeks The Sexy Criminal Mug Shot has hit over 167 ooo likes on Facebook in just four days.
"Divine,just no words ...the more I see of him the more addicted I am ,he has got some power about him" a comment from another die hard fan. He's a criminal. A sexy internet criminal with $ 900,000 bail.

For the 30-year-old with the ice blue eyes and several tattoos on the neck is particularly with the ladies good.Tens of thousands already clicked "Like", shared or commented on the police photo. "Sexy man! I do not care that he's a criminal," summarizes a User.

Meeks, 30, was charged last Friday with illegally possessing a firearm, as well as other gun- and gang-related charges. He was also accused of violating his parole, prosecutors said.

In an interview with KXTV, Meeks said he's done things in his past that he should not have, but that he's not a hardened criminal. “I just want them to know that this is really not like me, I’m not some kingpin,” he said.

He told the news station that he spent years in prison for grand theft and that the teardrop tattoo on his cheekbone was for “doing some things in his past he is not proud of."

Meeks was arraigned on 11 felony counts and his bail was set at $1 million.

The wife of Jeremy Meeks, the man whose Stockton police booking photo went viral, is not happy about all the Internet attention her husband is getting for his looks.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Nigeria 1 vs Bosnia 0, World Cup 2014: Reactions, Pictures

Nigeria 1 vs Bosnia 0, World Cup 2014: Reactions, Pictures
Can Nigeria break World Cup winless streak against Bosnia? Yes We Can! and Yes we did. Nigeria ground out a hard-fought victory over Bosnia on Saturday night to put one foot in the World Cup round of 16.
Nigeria President and Nigerians watch win bosnia
Nigerian President watching the game
Coach Stephen Keshi feels his Nigeria side delivered a victory for all of Africa after Peter Odemwingie's goal put the Super Eagles on the brink of reaching the World Cup knockout stages.
Nigeria soccer beats Bosnia in World Cup thriller

Nigeria can clinch advancement with win over Argentina
Nigerian line up that won the game vs Bosnia

He told "Everybody is happy in West Africa; Ghana got their result (2-2 draw with Germany) and we won.

"It's good for the continent.

"The fighting spirit we showed was good. I never thought that we wouldn't make the round of 16. I have the players.

"But look at Iran today, if it was not for Lionel Messi. We need to work hard for the game against Argentina."
Nigeria 1 vs Bosnia 0, World Cup 2014: Reactions, Pictures

"I'm happy we won our first World Cup game since 1998, I hope this continues, I liked what I saw today," Keshi told the post-match press conference. "It happens in Africa nobody gives us a chance, they were saying the Iran result was the worst ever, then we saw Iran against Argentina (the Iranians lost 1-0 but only to a Lionel Messi winner in time added on), if the Argentines didn´t have Messi it would have been the same score line.

"I never had a doubt we wouldn't never make it as long as the players were ready to play. I felt the character the boys showed, it was better today, tempo was very high."Match-winner and man of the match Odemwingie said "The goal means a lot to me,"

"But the win was down to 90 minutes of concentration and effort from my team-mates.

"The most important thing today was the character. We even enjoyed defending together.

"I don't know anyone who doesn't love this country. Playing for my fatherland is an honour and a pleasure.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Can Nigeria break World Cup winless streak against Bosnia

Nigeria World Cup against Bosnia

Nigeria have the longest winless streak of any side involved at the 2014 World Cup. Nigeria are winless in nine World Cup games (D3, L6). Less than few hours today Nigeria face Bosnia-Hercegovina in his second World Cup group match. 

The Super Eagles of Nigeria scored fewer goals (11) in qualifying than any side who made it to Brazil.They have failed to score in three of their last five games. Their last World Cup victory was 1-0 against Bulgaria in the group stage of France '98. Can Nigeria break World Cup winless streak against Bosnia? 

Bosnia-Hercegovina are the only World Cup debutants in Brazil, but their tournament will almost certainly be over if they lose. Nigeria can help hasten their preparation home by wining today. Victory on Saturday would provide a much needed boost to the Nigerians worldwide.

Nigeria Super Eagles have underperformed so far at this 2014 World Cup, and the reigning African champions will certainly feel disappointed in their opening game against Iran. Again, can Nigeria end its World Cup winless streak against Bosnia?

Friday, June 20, 2014

The World's Sexiest Women Are From Brazil, Men From Australia

The World's Sexiest Women Are From Brazil, Men From Australia

I disagree that the sexiest people in the world are found in either Brazil or Australia. No disrespect to these nations, but I'm still trying to figure out how many African and European countries missed out on the list and why. Travel dating website MissTravel asked members -- both men and women -- to rate the nationalities they find sexiest in a dating partner. Are the sexiest women in the world really found in Brazil?  Osaseye takes a look at the list below:

The sexiest nationalities for men:
10. Dutch
9. Canadian
8. Brazilian
7. Irish
6. American
5. Spanish
4. Scottish
3. British
2. Italian
1. Australian
The sexiest nationalities for women:
10. Canadian
9. South African
8. Bulgarian
7. Australian
6. Spanish
5. Filipina
4. British
3. Colombian
2. Russian
1. Brazilian

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lupita Nyong'o makes Vogue cover

Lupita Nyong'o makes Vogue cover

Vogue photographer Mikael Jansson captured the Oscar winning-actress Lupita Nyong'o for the July cover story.
Vogue captured the 31-year-old star for it's July issue in the enchanting city of Marrakech. Nyong'o looks stunning, bold and beautiful for the cover, which was shot by Jansson, in a printed Prada dress that perfectly reflects her colorful style
Lupita Nyong'o July 2013 Vogue cover matters because she is a Kenyan-born beauty made in Africa.

England next after early exit for Spain in World Cup

England next after early exit for Spain in World Cup
Spain were 'not good enough' after early World Cup exit. Will England be the next team to crash out of the group stages in Brazil 2014? Too much has been said about Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerard and the likes. Soccer fans worldwide will be paying close attention to tonight's game between England and Uruguay, with plenty of interest on both sides.

England exit team to crash out spain group stages in Brazil 2014?

England and Uruguay lost their World Cup opener, but hear why many doesn’t think Roy Hodgson's team will make it out of the group stages.

Defending champion Spain, the dominant global soccer power for the past six years, was eliminated from World Cup contention Wednesday with a 2-0 loss to Chile. Spain have been the No. 1 ranked team in the world since 2008. ... They won the 2008 European Championship, the 2010 World Cup, the 2012 European Championship. But perhaps a sign that the Spanish were weakening: They lost in the final of the Confederations Cup, another big tournament. They lost that last year to Brazil. So [this] may be a sign of things to come."

Is England the next for a shocking exit at the World Cup?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Arsenal Star Aaron Ramsey Wedding

Arsenal Star Aaron Ramsey Wedding

We almost certainly missed Arsenal and Wales superstar Aaron Ramsey's wedding to long time sweetheart
Colleen Rowlands as a result of the ongoing World Cup in Brazil.
Colleen Rowlands  & Aaron Ramsey Wedding

The 23-year-old midfielder looked dapper on a navy blue suit as he touched down at Caldicot Castle to tie the knot with Colleen Rowlands on Saturday.

                                        Aaron Ramsey Wedding pictures
Theo Walcott was among the stars present in Wales for his team mates wedding.
                                                   Happy couple Ramsey weds Colleen

Explosion leaves 21 Dead watching World Cup Game in Nigeria

21 Dead in Bombing of World Cup View Site in Nigeria

At least 21 people died in an explosion yesterday in Damaturu, northern Nigeria, while watching the FIFA World Cup game between Brazil and Mexico.

The explosion occurred at a designated meeting point Crossfire in Nayi-Nawa district of the capital of Yobe State, shortly after the start of the game Brazil-Mexico. Eye witnesses said the taxi packed with explosives was driven into the outdoor area where Nigerians were watching the game.

The attack occurred after two States have banned these centers not to display any football matches due to security concerns after previous attacks attributed to Islamist Boko Haram.

Security experts have warned that Islamic militants might attack crowds watching the World Cup in public places in Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda, as they did in 2010 in Uganda. Please, stay away from viewing centers during the game. Stay home and watch the game. The explosions in Kampala, Uganda, at two sites where people watched the 2010 World Cup final on TV killed 74 people

Earlier this month, at least 40 people were killed when a bomb exploded after having finished a game of football in the town of Mubi.

In May, another explosion outside a place where it was to be seen the final of the European Cup between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, caused three deaths in Jos, capital of Plateau state.

Bad Opening games for African nations at the World Cup

African nations at the World Cup

Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Ivory Coast and Nigeria all qualified for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  After the opening group games has been completed, osaseye look at the individual African nations and how they have all performed in their Groups.

On paper, it seems like most of the African Countries will win against their opponents only to succumb to a scoreless draw or lose their opening games with the exception of Ivory Coast. Ivory Coast kicked off their world cup campaign with a win over Japan. Algeria fell to their knees after taking the lead against Belgium. Cameroon lost to Mexico and will face Croatia for their next match which doesn't make it easy in a group including the world's favorite and host Brazil.

Ghana huffed and puffed at USA only to lose at the dying minutes. The African Champions who over 35% of fans were cheering to win their opening games and also a favorite to qualify from their group had a boring draw with Iran. 

In total of the five African teams who represent Africa in this summer's World Cup: Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria have all started poorly. Ivory Coast got off to a good start and will be looking up for their next game against Colombia.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

BBC launches annual Music Awards

BBC launches new Music Awards

In December, the first edition of the BBC Music Awards will take place in London. It will be the biggest event of the BBC after Glastonbury, for various radio and television stations to connect with each other.

Director Tony Hall says its "whole new ways to enjoy music." The BBC also wants to support young talent, including by introducing in British primary schools classical music . According to Hall this will be a "celebration of the brilliant musical talent in the country."

Included is the categories of "British Artist of the Year" and "Song of the Year". Presenters and producers of the BBC will select the winners of international awards and the artist of the year. The song of the year is chosen in consultation with listeners and viewers.

There are, of course, also be performances by various artists who had hits in the past year.

Nigeria 0 v Iran 0: World Cup 2014 – as it happened, Reactions

Nigeria 0 v Iran 0: World Cup 2014

It was a boring draw, defensively unexcited game as Nigeria and Iran became the first sides to draw at the 2014 World Cup as they played out a goalless 0-0 draw in Curitiba on Monday.

John Obi Mikel was left frustrated after the game "I think we are all disapponted. The first game of every tournament it is very important to win and we came out to win, but the Iranian team had a good idea of what they wanted to do to stop us playing and stop us creating chances.

"We are still here a draw is not a bad result. We still have two games to play, the next game will be important for us and Bosnia.

"We have to go back to training, improve the things we did wrong and get those right."

Stephan Keshi, the African champion coach was disappointed at his players for not converting their chances. "There was a lot of anxiety. My players tried to finish the game in the first 25 minutes, but when the goal didn't come I think we pushed a bit too hard and frustrations started to come in," he said.

"I am not happy, but we have to give respect to Iran. They came in, they had their gameplan, they sat back and they did it well."

After a bright start from Nigeria, the players kinda lost their creative touch and goal cleats at home. Iran coach Carlos Queiroz was full of praise for his side

"I must praise my players, they more than deserved this draw. The most important thing is that everything is now open to us."

It was a boring draw. How would you rate the players?

Iran: Haghighi, Heydari, Hajsafi, Hosseini, Pooladi, Sadeghi, Nekounam, Timotian, Montazeri, Ghoochannejad, Dejagah (Jakhanbakhsk 78'),

Nigeria: Enyeama, Ambrose, Oshaniwa, Oboabona (Yobo 29'), Omeruo, Onazi, Mikel Obi, Azeez (Odemwingie 69'), Moses (Ameobi 52'), Musa, Emenike.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

How Sanusi can stop Boko Haram's Rise

How Sanusi could stop Boko Haram's Rise
Nigeria’s northern emirs and sultans are still among the most powerful leaders of the country. For centuries before the British imperialists arrived in Nigeria, the emirs ruled as kings. Today they hold both spiritual and vocal power in the country. They act as peacemakers, rally public opinion, preserve religious tradition, and endorse political candidates. Peacekeepers, rally public opinion and preserve religious tradition could help the new emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi stop Boko Haram's rise to power.

Sanusi's recent election as emir of Kano makes him the country’s second-highest authority in the Muslim north after the Sultan of Sokoto. His appointment came as a huge surprise to majority Nigerians. Nigerians hope as a Monarch, Sanusi can reshape Kano and Northern Nigeria. His position is good for the state of Kano and the country. Can he stop the Islamist militant from power grab?

As emir he will be expected to be less controversial. He says he has no interest in formally entering politics but will back social causes rather than parties. And he will surely press for the reforms that could help fend off Boko Haram, the violent Islamist group that has been a scourge of the north.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Nigeria says missing schoolgirls may never return

Nigeria says missing schoolgirls may never return

Nigeria's former president Olusegun Obasanjo told media that some of the schoolgirls kidnapped by  Boko Haram in April may never return.

Obasanjo said President Goodluck Jonathan's administration had taken too long to respond to the mass abduction.

"I believe that some of them will never return. We will still be hearing about them many years from now," Obasanjo told the BBC's Hausa-language radio service on Thursday, in comments echoed in an interview with Nigeria's Premium Times website.

The warning from Obasanjo, who stepped down in 2007 but remains an influential figure, will dismay parents who have now waited 60 days for any news of their daughters, taken from a school in the village of Chibok on April 14.

Obasanjo's criticisms underline divisions within Jonathan and Obasanjo's ruling People's Democratic Party, heightened by the government and army's failure to rescue the girls, and by presidential elections due in 2015.

"If you get all of them back, I will consider it a near-miracle ... Do you think they (Boko Haram) will hold all of them together up till now? The logistics for them to do that, holding over 200 girls together, is too much," Obasanjo said, according to Premium Times.

"If the administration had acted quickly, we could have rescued them," he said.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Will Nigeria win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil?

Will Nigeria win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil?

736 Players, 64 Matches, 32 Teams, 12 Stadiums, 4 Years Of Waiting, 1 Winning Country. But Which Country will win the World Cup this summer in Brazil. The odds are the host Brazil, with Spain, Argentina and the rest. Traders and journalists offer up their predictions for the World Cup, looking at whether Brazil are worthy favourites, who the dark horses are and whether England can defy their hefty odds

The time has arrived. Every Country believes this is their World Cup. I'm optimistic. Why Not? Nigeria can win the World Cup.
But How? There are seven steps. We have to go up those seven steps together as a country united.

We can't jump the seven steps. The first step is against Iran. After that we have six steps that if we win, the World Cup is Ours.

Pope Francis, a big fan of Argentinian club San Lorenzo, has broadcast his pre-World Cup message and he hopes everything will go peacefully bringing the World Cup together.
''My hope is that, besides being a sporting feast, the World Cup can become a feast of solidarity among peoples. Sport is a school of peace. It teaches us to build peace.''

The Weather and Temperature plays to our advantage too...Come on Super Eagles and Naija

Over Protective Father v Pedophile? Dad hits Teacher over daughter's texts

Dad hits Teacher over daughter's texts

Should a 42 year old teacher should be texting any 15 year old student talk about inappropriate text? Most people agree that a teacher has no business texting his under age student while others believe that only If the texts were lewed and for a purpose of a sexual encounter, then the parents should report the teacher. What is your take on this incident?

Police say the dad saw a series of texts on Thursday between the 42-year-old teacher and his daughter, a 15-year-old student. The girl's mother deemed them "inappropriate for a teacher and a student" to be sharing, News Net 5 reports. Investigators didn't agree and never charged the teacher with a crime, but the situation took a downturn later that day when the unidentified teacher showed up at the girl's house.

He wanted to speak to the girl's father, but was told to leave, CBS local reports. When he refused, the dad reportedly whacked him with a baseball bat. The teacher sustained minor injuries.

Police arrived at the Nottingham home at about 9:45 p.m., but the teacher didn't press charges.

If a 42 year old man was texting my daughter for ANY reason, I would club him with a baseball bat too. If a teacher wants to get a message to a student, then it needs to be given in the classroom, or through a parent. Any other way is inappropriate. Besides, why does a 42 year old male have the private cell phone number of a 15 year old girl? 

Where the parents snooping on their daughter or just being over protective?

What will you have done?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Biggest Social Media Fails Of 2014: #Bringbackourgirls

Biggest Social Media Fails Of 2014: #Bringbackourgirls

Is the social media campaign an effective tool or just a trending topic until the next big thing comes along? The bring back our girls abducted Nigerian schoolgirls is one of the biggest social media fails of 2014.

Back in April hundreds of thousands clicked and shared updates about the Chibok girls and most people turned it into an abusive viral antics with the president’s wife, Patience Jonathan captured in a video. The use of the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls began to lose its value.

“All too often, we protest too much and accomplish too little. But that’s not what’s been happening here.
Rather, the movement to #BringBackOurGirls, which actually originated in Nigeria, has thus far demonstrated the virtues of solidarity and grassroots international cooperation, within and beyond the African diaspora. It has shed much meaningful light on how to make visibility and voice to the invisible and voiceless."

But using the social media twitter hasn't yielded any result. The movement did encourage both men and women to come together to notice when a group of black girls goes missing, and demand decisive action. That was it. It's been two months and the school girls are no where to be found. Rescue attempt so far has been fruitless. The social media is dead on this topic. The followers of the campaign has un-followed the host.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Missing NigerianGirls Remembered With Touching MAMAs Tribute

ChibokGirls Remembered With Touching MAMAs Tribute

Missing Nigerian Chibok girls were Saturday night remembered with touching MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) tribute and prayers from host Marlon Wayans.

Award winning comedian and host for the MTV Africa Music Awards 2014, Marlon Wayans gave a touching tribute on the Nigerian girls kidnapped in Chibok during the awards.

“This is for the young girls in Chibok, Nigeria who were kidnapped… my heart goes out to them and I pray they return home safely and in good health.” Marlon

The event, which held on Saturday, June 7, 2014 at the International Conference Centre in Durban, South Africa saw Nigerian nominees take home six MAMA awards. Winners include Davido, Flavour, Tiwa Savage and Clarence Peters.

Performers for the night included Fally Ipupa, Michael Lowman, Dbanj, Don Jazzy, DJ Clock, Beatenberg, DJ Kent, Big Nuz, Toofan, DJ Vigi, DJ Tira, DJ Buckz, Burna Boy, Sauti Sol, Ice Prince, Sarkodie, The Arrows, Khuli Chana, Dr Sid, French Montana, Miguel, Trey Songz, Davido, Uhuru, Mafikizolo, Oskido, Professor, Tiwa Savage, Flavour, Diamond, Phyno and Yuri da Cunha.

Lamido Sanusi is Kano's new Emir

Lamido Sanusi is Kano's new Emir

"Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is the new Emir of Kano," the state government said, using a fuller version of his name. Hundred supporters of the late emir's oldest son - massed outside the state government building, destroying street signs until police fired in the air to disperse them. The former emir, Alhaji Ado Bayero, died on Friday at the age of 83, having spent 50 years on the throne.

Sanusi took the throne, which has few constitutional powers, amid tight security. He had been shortlisted by four “kingmakers” - part of ancient succession rules set up by an emirate known for its sumptuous displays of royal regalia and ritual.

There is no automatic father-to-son succession, but candidates have to come from leading families.

The Emirate of Kano was one of the great Islamic empires that dotted the Sahara from medieval times, profiting from caravan routes connecting Africa's interior with its Mediterranean coast. Former colonial ruler Britain kept most of the northern hierarchy in place and the emirate continued to hold sway over the largely underdeveloped region after independence in 1960. The emir is the second-highest Muslim authority in Nigeria

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Brazil World Cup 2014 Full TV Schedule

All 64 matches of the FIFA World Cup from Brazil will be broadcast live on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2 in English and on cable nets in different languages. The tournament kicks off Thursday June 12, in Rio de Janeiro 5 more days to suffer.
Brazil World Cup 2014 Full TV Schedule
Full schedule (all times Eastern):
First Round
Thursday, June 12
4 p.m.: Brazil vs. Croatia at Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo (ESPN; Univision/Univision Deportes Network)
Friday, June 13
12 p.m.: Mexico vs. Cameroon at Estadio das Dunas, Natal (ESPN2; Univision/UDN)
3 p.m.: Spain vs. Netherlands at Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
6 p.m. Chile vs. Australia at Arena Pantanal, Cuiaba (ESPN2; Univision/UDN)
Saturday, June 14
12 p.m.: Colombia vs. Greece at Estádio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte (ABC; Univision/UDN)
3 p.m.: Uruguay vs. Costa Rica at Estádio Castelao, Fortaleza (ABC; Univision/UDN)
6 p.m.: England vs. Italy at Arena Amazonia, Manaus (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
9 p.m.: Ivory Coast vs. Japan at Arena Pernambuco, Recife (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
Sunday, June 15
12 p.m.: Switzerland vs. Ecuador at Estádio Nacional Mane Garrincha, Brasilia (ABC; Univision/UDN)
3 p.m.: France vs. Honduras at Estádio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre (ABC; Univision/UDN)
6 p.m.: Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina at Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
Monday, June 16
12 p.m.: Germany vs. Portugal at Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
3 p.m.: Iran vs. Nigeria at Arena da Baixada, Curitiba (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
6 p.m.: Ghana vs. United States at Estadio das Dunas, Natal (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
Tuesday, June 17
12 p.m.: Belgium vs. Algeria at Estádio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
3 p.m.: Brazil vs. Mexico at Estádio Castelao, Fortaleza (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
6 p.m.: Russia vs. South Korea at Arena Pantanal, Cuiaba (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
Wednesday, June 18
12 p.m.: Australia vs. Netherlands at Estádio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
3 p.m.: Spain vs. Chile at Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
6 p.m.: Cameroon vs. Croatia at Arena Amazonia, Manaus (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
Thursday, June 19
12 p.m.: Colombia vs. Ivory Coast at Estádio Nacional Mane Garrincha, Brasilia (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
3 p.m.: Uruguay vs. England at Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
6 p.m.: Japan vs. Greece at Estadio das Dunas, Natal (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
Friday, June 20
12 p.m.: Italy vs. Costa Rica at Arena Pernambuco, Recife (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
3 p.m.: Switzerland vs. France at Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
6 p.m.: Honduras vs. Ecuador at Arena da Baixada, Curitiba (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
Saturday, June 21
12 p.m.: Argentina vs. Iran at Estádio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
3 p.m.: Germany vs. Ghana at Estádio Castelao, Fortaleza (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
6 p.m.: Nigeria vs. Bosnia Herzegovina at Arena Pantanal, Cuiabá (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
Sunday, June 22
12 p.m.: Belgium vs. Russia at Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro (ABC; Univision/UDN)
3 p.m.: South Korea vs. Algeria at Estádio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre (ABC; Univision/UDN)
6 p.m.: United States vs. Portugal at Arena Amazonia, Manaus (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
Monday, June 23
12 p.m.: Netherlands vs. Chile at Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo (ESPN2; Univision/UDN)
12 p.m.: Australia vs. Spain at Arena da Baixada, Curitiba (ESPN; UniMás/Galavisión)
4 p.m.: Croatia vs. Mexico at Arena Pernambuco, Recife (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
4 p.m.: Cameroon vs. Brazil at Estadio Nacional Mané Garrincha, Brasilia (ESPN2; UniMás/Galavisión)
Tuesday, June 24
12 p.m.: Italy vs. Uruguay at Estadio das Dunas, Natal (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
12 p.m.: Costa Rica vs. England at Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte (ESPN2; UniMás/Galavisión)
4 p.m.: Japan vs. Colombia at Arena Pantanal, Cuiabá (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
4 p.m.: Greece vs. Ivory Coast at Estadio Castelao, Fortaleza (ESPN2; UniMás/Galavisión)
Wednesday, June 25
12 p.m.: Nigeria vs. Argentina at Estadio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
12 p.m.: Bosnia Herzegovina vs. Iran at Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador (ESPN2; UniMás/Galavisión)
4 p.m.: Ecuador vs. France at Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro (ESPN2; Univision/UDN)
4 p.m.: Honduras vs. Switzerland at Arena Amazonia, Manaus (ESPN; UniMás/Galavisión)
Thursday, June 26
12 p.m.: United States vs. Germany at Arena Pernambuco, Recife (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
12 p.m.: Portugal vs. Ghana at Estádio Nacional Mane Garrincha, Brasilia (ESPN2; UniMás/Galavisión)
4 p.m.: South Korea vs. Belgium at Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
4 p.m.: Algeria vs. Russia at Estadio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre (ESPN2; UniMás/Galavisión)
Round of 16
Saturday, June 28
12 p.m.: 1A vs. 2B at Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte (ABC; Univision/UDN)
4 p.m.: 1C vs. 2D at Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro (ABC; Univision/UDN)
Sunday, June 29
12 p.m.: 1B vs. 2A at Estadio Castelao, Fortaleza (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
4 p.m.: 1D vs. 2C at Arena Pernambuco, Recife (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
Monday, June 30
12 p.m.: 1E vs. 2F at Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha, Brasilia (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
4 p.m.: 1G vs. 2H at Estadio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
Tuesday, July 1
12 p.m.: 1F vs. 2E at Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
4 p.m.: 1H vs. 2G at Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
Friday, July 4
12 p.m.: Round of 16 winners at Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro (ESPN2; Univision/UDN)
4 p.m.: Round of 16 winners at Estadio Castelao, Fortaleza (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
Saturday, July 5
12 p.m.: Round of 16 winners at Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha, Brasilia (ABC; Univision/UDN)
4 p.m. Round of 16 winners at Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
Tuesday, July 8
4 p.m.: Quarterfinal winners at Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
Wednesday, July 9
4 p.m.: Quarterfinal winners at Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
Third-Place Game
Saturday, July 12
4 p.m.: Semifinal losers at Estadio Nacional Mané Garrincha, Brasilia (ESPN; Univision/UDN)
Sunday, July 13
4 p.m.: Semifinal winners at Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro (ABC; Univision/UDN)