Monday, January 21, 2013

Nigerians unite against police brutality in Cape Town

Nigerians gathered to protest against alleged police brutality in Cape Town

Nigerian born Obinna Ugboaja's death has sparked the ire of the Nigerian community who marched to Cape Town's  parliament on Friday demanding an end to police brutality against Nigerians.
The Nigerian Union in the Cape Town business district argued that Nigerians were being targeted for brutal treatment by the police. They said in most cases brutality was swept under the carpet because of the false assumption that all Nigerians were criminals.
According to the Independent Complaints Directorate 2011/2012 annual report, '932 people died in police custody or as a result of police action.'
"I really don't know exactly what happened. They didn't tell me anything. They took me to the mortuary where I found my husband dead. His mouth and neck were full of blood and he had marks on his neck, like he had been held hard.
"They said he had overdosed on cocaine. He didn't even smoke cigarettes."
Kanyi Dyantyi said about his 32 year old fiance Ugboaja - who was a computer technician and had been living in South Africa for seven years.


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