Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nigeria's nurses want more government aid

Nigeria Nurses and Midwives wants more government aids to help pregnant women in rural. In a shocking interview with one of the midwives, women in rural areas often deliver their babies in darkness or occasionally with a flash light. 
nigeria nurses
Deborah Ezra, a member of the Nigeria Nurses and Midwives, lamented the poor conditions and confirmed how she handled deliveries using the weak light of a mobile phone.

Mrs. Ezra called on government at all levels to invest in midwives as a frontline to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health.

Nigeria currently has one of the highest cases of maternal mortality in the world with about 142 deaths daily.

The Minister of Health, Mohammed Pate, as always, said his ministry will do all it can “to ensure that the quality of health care is improved in the country”.

He called on midwives in the country to have passion for the job they do.

Nigerians are calling for Mr. Pate and the government to please do their job and make these passionate nurses and midwives enjoy the services they render.


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