Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Video: Naked woman destroys McDonald's Restaurant

Video: Naked woman destroys McDonald's Restaurant

Have you seen the video of the topless woman who went on rampage in St. Petersburg, Florida McDonald's? The topless woman destroying McDonald is uploaded below for you.
  The video has reached over 600,000 views since it was published.

Details are scarce about the video of the un named naked woman in a thong who went on a rampage ransacking the McDonald restaurant as employees stand by powerless. It seems to me that the woman wasn't well and needed help so I'm disturbed about the lack of sensitivity of the woman's laughter in the background throughout the video. My question is why nobody tried to stop her?

"Florida Woman doesn't play by the rules. She engages on her own terms. She puts her hand under the ice cream dispenser of life and drinks deeply of everything it has to offer, and then grabs a handful of fries for the road." writes Gawker's Jay Hathaway


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